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Monday AM Links and Such sums up the basketball team's performance better than I can:

This wasn't basketball. This was domination.

Meltdown?  That's being a little too kind...

Todd Alles of Ohio State has been hired.  He will likely serve as the head of football operations and have some recruiting duties.

With Petrino headed for the pros, Saban might be looking at members of the Louisville staff.  As always, the university's jet is involved:

Meanwhile, the departure of Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino for the National Football League's Atlanta Falcons -- and the presence of the University of Alabama's school jet in Louisville on Sunday -- has increased speculation that Saban may be interested in one or more Cardinal assistant coaches.

Among the names that have been mentioned, although not confirmed, as possible candidates are UL offensive coordinator Paul Petrino, quarterbacks coach Todd Brohm and offensive line coach Mike Summers.

Former Texas quarterback Major Applewhite, now the offensive coordinator at Rice University, told the Houston Chronicle on Sunday that he had been contacted by Saban, although he had not been offered a position at this time.

"I have been contacted and I do have some interest, but I have not been offered the job," Applewhite told The Chronicle.

Let's hope Saban is smart enough to stay away from Applewhite, who's offense was last seen crying "uncle" against Troy.

 Speaking of OCs, it's looking like we can finally quit talking about Jimbo Fisher:

The saga with Fisher and Alabama appears to be done, finally. Saban had offered Fisher the job of offensive coordinator as soon as he was hired. But Fisher and Florida State are once again in negotiations for a job that Fisher had verbally agreed to take weeks ago. All this, after FSU had publicly withdrawn its offer to Fisher late Saturday night.
The sticking point between Fisher and both Alabama and FSU had been the schools' insistence on a buyout clause for the coveted coach, a source said. Fisher, whose contract at LSU does not have such a clause, balked.

 Bad news people;  The Alba might be engaged.

Until we know more about the Alba situation, say hello to your Todd's new RBR Eye Candy, Anna Faris