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Tuesday AM Links and Such

A couple of different stories out there about possible Saban assistants:

The Birmingham News

According to multiple sources and newspaper reports, the list for Saban contains at least three names: Rice offensive coordinator Major Applewhite, Southern Cal offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin and Packers quarterback coach Tom Clements.

Louisville offensive coordinator Paul Petrino had been contacted by Saban about the position. But, according to a source close to Petrino, he accepted a job late Monday night to join the staff of his brother Bobby Petrino, who was named head coach of the Atlanta Falcons on Monday.

Sadly, of those three names Major Applewhite is the one I like best.

The Tuscaloosa News

Meanwhile, a source close to Alabama's coaching search indicated that the university's jet was in Louisville on Sunday to pick up Joe Pendry, who lives in nearby Floyds Knobs, Ind., and might be Saban's next offensive line coach.

Pendry last coached for the Houston Texans in 2005, and roughly a month into the season was promoted from offensive line coach to offensive coordinator.

Why do we keep hearing about Texan line coaches? I know they don't get on TV much around here, but surely someone has to have noticed that Houston's O-line has been even worse than ours over the past few years.

The basketball team looks to rebound tonight against LSU.  This is the fourth straight season that Alabama has dropped it's conference opener, so it's important to send LSU home with a loss tonight.  If BamaHoops is pretty optimistic about our chances, then so am I.  

The Mayor is excited about the Florida win, but not for the reasons everyone else is.

How did Boise wind up at #5 in the final poll?  I can see dropping tOSU only one spot (though after that whipping last night...), but placing both Southern Cal and LSU ahead of Boise after their Fiesta Bowl performance just isn't right.  They should at least be ahead of Southern Cal.