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SEC Packets: Week Five Results

LSU 34, Tulane 9

OTS Picked: LSU
Nico Picked: LSU
Todd Picked: LSU

For the second straight week, I was right about a game being so ugly it deserves to be called The Sandra Bernhard Game of the Week, and for the second straight week it was ugly for the entirely wrong reason. LSU looked completely discombobulated the entire first half against the Green Wave before pouring it on in the second half, and it looked like they were going to be another casualty of upset Saturday. They're looking more and more mortal as the season goes on.

South Carolina 38, Mississippi State 21

OTS Picked: SC
Nico Picked: SC
Todd Picked: SC

Is Mississippi State getting better, or was South Carolina struggling with a new QB? Either way, this was a tight one 'til late.

Georgia 45, Ole Miss 17

OTS Picked: UGA
Nico Picked: UGA
Todd Picked: UGA

Again Ole Miss hung tough for awhile, but Georgia poured it on in the second half, scoring the last 28 points of the game. Hopefully someone in Tuscaloosa was watching Thomas Brown gash the Rebel defense for 180 yards.

Kentucky 45, Florida Atlantic 17

OTS Picked: Kentucky
Nico Picked: Kentucky
Todd Picked: Kentucky

Another no brainer pick, but the hot streak for UK is going to be tested shortly. Taking on SC in Columbia and welcoming LSU and Florida to Lexington over the next three weeks is no easy feat.

Alabama 14, Florida State 21

OTS Picked: Alabama
Nico Picked: Alabama
Todd Picked: Alabama


Make happy.

Vanderbilt 30, Eastern Michigan 7

OTS Picked: Vandy
Nico Picked: Vandy
Todd Picked: Vandy

Don't look now, but Vandy is 3-1. This is the kind of game they would have choked away the past few years, but the Commies are on their way up, taking care of the games they should and looking tough in the ones they shouldn't. I'm still betting they get bowl eligible.

Arkansas 66, North Texas 7

OTS Picked: Arkansas
Nico Picked: Arkansas
Todd Picked: Arkansas

Arkansas halts a two game skid with a tasty cupcake treat, and matches against 1AA Chattanooga, Auburn, at Ole Miss, and Florida International means they have a good shot of getting out of October with another four wins.

Auburn 20, Florida 17

OTS Picked: Florida
Nico Picked: Florida
Todd Picked: Florida

The Teagles pick this weekend to get their act together, huh? I'm not sold on them by any means, and think this was more due to Florida's vanilla offense than Auburn, but they won with defense and ball control, and that's looking like the same old Auburn from the past few seasons. Much to Charley's chagrin, maybe things are turning on the Plains?

Be warned, Charley is an exceptionally vulgar young man.

Bonus Picks

South Florida 21, West Virginia 13

OTS Picked: West Virginia
Nico Picked: West Virginia
Todd Picked: West Virginia

South Florida's defense is tough. I knew I should have gone with the Bulls here, but just couldn't pull the trigger because of the offense. Grothe might be freakishly athletic, but he's not a good QB yet, and they struggle to move the ball when they need to most.

Cal 31, Oregon 24

OTS Picked: Cal
Nico Picked: Oregon
Todd Picked: Oregon

And just like that, OTS ties it up, making the count OTS 42-12, Todd 42-12, and Nico 39-15.