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Wrapping Things Up

Well, that Ole Miss game -- duck! -- was certainly exciting now wasn't it? Perhaps a bit too exciting actually.

I'm still out of town at the moment, so I won't be getting anything of up of any major substance until later in the day. Todd and Nico, I imagine, will likely have some stuff up relatively soon, though.

Just so you know, though, we've got several things planned for this week, and a lot of things will involve Tennessee, considering it is now Tennessee week.

I think I've also decided to do a preview each week of the upcoming game instead of doing the College Football Viewing Guide. I enjoyed doing the guide, and I think it was informative, but it's a 'Bama blog and I always worry about getting a bit off-topic with things that aren't really related to 'Bama football. Having the preview of our upcoming opponent will fix that. And though it's not set in stone, it will likely continue to be in the same format of the Ole Miss preview.

I do have some non-'Bama things coming up this week, though, such as a look at the Heisman Trophy race, the pending showdown in Baton Rouge that will likely decide the SEC West, BlogPoll ballot, etc.

For Alabama related stuff, I'm going to have a general thoughts post up later, and I'm going to get an individual play analysis up this week as well, assuming my DVR didn't crap out again. If there are any plays in particular that you want analyzed, just leave them in the comment box. Also, we'll have the aforementioned preview, and several other posts that I haven't quite decided exactly how I want to go about doing just yet.

Also, great job of the game's open thread. We got 190 comments, and that's the most we've had since I've been around. I think we're going to try to keep that and really expound upon that every week during the game. I think we may need to lay out a few rules for it, though, but I am very impressed with how active and participative that everyone has been.

And that will about wrap it up. In case you haven't heard, we have Tennessee at 11:30 on Lincoln Financial (crap-tacular, I know).

Oh, and finally, say hello to Lulu and Junior: