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BlogPoll Calling: Todd's Ballot

1. Ohio State: Last week I said that I was sold on a return trip to the title game if Cal falters, and just like that, tOSU is back in the national title picture.

2. Boston College: Undefeated, and likely to stay that way. But then again, with this season going like it is...

3. Oklahoma: Screw it, I'm putting OU back up here. They got a win over a pretty darn good Mizzou, and the Big 12 should be theirs for the taking.

4. South Florida: Beat the ever loving snot out of UCF, but I still hate putting them this high since I know the inevitable crap out is imminent.

5. LSU: Kentucky is a good team, no doubt about it, so I'm not going to drop them that far. Still, haha!

Since you can't spell Les Miles without two Ls, let's hope we give them the second.

6. Oregon: I'm not sure I should jump them past Cal, who they lost to, but Cal crapped out against a not altogether good Oregon State team that shouldn't have had a chance against them, backup QB or no.

7. Kentucky: I dropped them to #19 after they beat themselves at South Carolina, but a big upset of the #1 team in the country gets them back into the top ten. What a great story.

8. South Carolina: The 'Cocks continue to take care of business, and I'm giving them a jump up from #12.

9. Arizona State: The Sun Devils are back to winning impressively, so a one spot hop up from #10 is due.

10. West Virginia: Beating up on Syracuse doesn't say much, but with other teams falling out, they get the bump from #11.

11. Kansas: Likewise for the Jayhawks, though sub in Baylor for Syracuse and #13 for #11.

12. Hawaii: I had them at #7 last week, but they had to rally against San Jose State and are looking more and more like a punk team as the season goes on, so they get dropped.

13. Virginia Tech: We'll know if they've gotten things situated this weekend against Boston College.

14. California: I boldly ranked you #2 ahead of Southern Cal, and the Trojans obliged me by losing to Stanford. But what do you do? Go on and screw me around against Oregon State. Stinking hippies.

15. Texas: Up from #21 after they got back on track offensively against Iowa State.

16. Missouri: Well, we knew it was bound to happen, the Tigers just can't stand success. They fall ten spots from #6 after a loss to OU.

17. Texas Tech: 35-7 wasn't exactly the insane beatdown of Texas A&M that I was hoping for, but it does justify my bumping them up a spot.

18. Florida: The bye week was kind to the Gators as they hop up a spot.

19. Southern Cal: The Trojans are going to have to do a lot more than rally to beat a hapless Arizona team to make me think they've gotten things back on track. They move up a spot, only because other teams ahead of them fall down.

20. Cincinatti: I had them at #9 last week, but after a loss to Louisville, they take a big tumble.

21. Virginia: Believe it or not the 'hoos are bowl eligible in week seven. They beat out the previously unbeaten (and #23 on my ballot) UCONN, so here they go.

22. Auburn: Should have lost to Arkansas, but they'll get the bump after a win and after everyone else drops out.

23. Penn State: Beat the snot out of Wisconsin, so whatever.

24. Wake Forest: Beat up on Florida State, so whatever.

25. Tennessee: An impressive win over a suddenly unimpressive Georgia and then handling business against a pesky Mississippi State team gets the Vols ranked. Hopefully this is something we can remedy on Saturday.