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UT Hate Love Week: Charlie Daniels

Since there are only so many ways you can call Fulmer fat, claim Vols fans are all hillbillies, and imply that John Chavis looks like a sex offender, this year we thought we'd try something different here at RBR. Instead of the usual "UT Hate Week" you'd expect from a Bama blog, we're going to focus on things we like about the hills of east Tennessee instead. First up, a southern rock legend, Charlie Daniels.

For the record, though, Fulmer is fat, and John Chavis looks like a sex offender.

Daniels is a known Vols fans, and he works to raise money and awareness for the Jason Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to preventing teen suicide, with Coach Phil Fulmer. That being said, though, he is an incredible musician, showing ample proficiency on both the guitar and fiddle, and he made an early living as a session picker in Nashville, appearing on albums by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and, weirdly, Leonard Cohen. His solo work, of course, is a staple of both country and classic rock radio, and his song "Long Haired Country Boy" probably did as much to inform the identity of generations of good ol' boys as the Hank Jr. classic "A Country Boy Can Survive."

"I ain't askin nobody for nothin, if I can't get it on my own."

So even though he's a Vol fan and probably smells like Fulmer (I would imagine it's hard to get that kind of stink off without special soap), we here at RBR salute Mr. Charlie Daniels, musician, philanthropist, and all around awesome guy.