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Blogpoll Calling: OTS's Ballot

Here goes...

1. Ohio State: Number one by default, and they may run the table because the Little Ten is so weak.

2. South Florida: I don't think these guys at that good, but they very well may run the table. Rutgers looks so-so, Louisville has struggled, and Cincinnati just choked this week. A 12-0 South Florida team probably, and I don't think it's set in stone, get in the national title game.

3. Boston College: Even the BC people admit they aren't this good, but they go here by default. No worries though, they'll choke.

4. LSU: This team has played like crap for almost a month now, and if they don't get it together this week when the Barn comes to town, they won't even be winning the SEC West, much less the national championship. Todd has come up with a pretty good LSU line, but I won't spoil it for you.

5. Oklahoma: A big win, and I'll keep them just below LSU for now. Why? L comes before O in the alphabet, and that's about as good of a strategy as any in this crazy college football season. They are definitely the favorites to win the Big 12, but they will have to go through Missouri again. That won't be easy.

6. Arizona State: These guys are undefeated, and they are disposing decent opponents with ease (see Washington). They have a lot of tough games left (Cal, Oregon, and USC), but they look good. If they go undefeated, they'll be moved ahead of LSU and Oklahoma.

7. Missouri: Yes they lost to Oklahoma, but they are going to get a re-match. You have to give the typically mediocre Missouri credit, they were just as good as Oklahoma, and honestly beat themselves with turnovers. If they beat the Sooners in the Big 12 title game, they are BCS bound.

8. California: The Bears choked it, yes, but they are still in great shape in the Pac-10 race. Had Nate Longshore been in late, they would have probably won.

9. Kentucky: Again, I love the story, but I'm still not convinced they are that good. Yes they beat LSU, but honestly the Bayou Bengals haven't played well in almost a month, so it's hard to say how much was them and how much was LSU. With a win over Florida this week, I'll move them higher, but there is a reason they are a touchdown underdog, at home, this week. It's still too hard for me to get the images of them choking against South Carolina out of my head to put them any higher. Either way, something tells me the Bear has to be smiling somewhere at the sight of Kentucky football triumphing over Kentucky basketball for a change.

10. Florida: Despite already having two conference losses on their resume, they are still the most likely the favorite to win the SEC East. As long as Tebow is healthy, this team is going to be hell. I put Kentucky ahead slightly this week, but I'll probably pick Florida in the game. Again, they're a touchdown favorite for a reason.

11. South Carolina: I'm wary with this pick, but they go here because of the 6-1 record. Still, they squeaked by a pretty crappy North Carolina team, and simply don't look to be that good. With Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Clemson still on the schedule, I just don't see them finishing here. I say they drop a couple of more along the way, and miss out on Atlanta. Maybe for the Peach Bowl. Number six in the BCS? No way.

12. Oregon: You have to give the Ducks credit, they are as good as anyone in the Pac-10, and they can still win it. That said though, they've got a brutal three game stretch upcoming.

13. USC: This is the best team in the country on paper, they have at least six players who are likely to be first round picks next year alone. But on paper doesn't mean a damn thing, they are playing terrible at the moment, and I'm not even sure they can get back in the title game even if they win out, which is unlikely at the moment. Something is amiss in La-la-land. I say this with guarded caution, but nonetheless... the dynasty may be nearing its end.

14. Kansas: How good are they? I don't know, but they are undefeated. They go in at 14, so whatever.

15. West Virginia: After watching Louisville collapse, Rutgers struggle, and Cincinnati choke, this is the second best Big East team. They are likely to win 10 or 11 games.

16. Auburn: They way they held McFadden and Jones was just unreal. I would have never believed that in a million years. I'll have more on the LSU v. Auburn game in another article, but it's going to be a good game, and with a win Auburn can effectively stamp their ticket to Atlanta. Just when you think he's done, Tubby strikes again. Oh well, Gig' em.

17. Tennessee: You have to give UThug credit, they are now 5-2 and control their own destiny in the East. They still have their work cut out for them, but they get 'Bama this week, and are rightfully the favorites. But dear God do I ever hate these bastards.

18. Illinois: After two huge wins, Zook let me down with a massive choke-job to a crappy Iowa squad. Still, they can redeem themselves by thumping Michigan this week. They have at least two guaranteed wins on the schedule, so they are 7-5 for sure with a bowl game, and likely to win 8 or 9 games.

19. Texas: Sure Iowa State sucks, but the massacre has to be impressive. They'll beat Baylor, and annihilate Nebraska. After that they're likely favorites over Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, and they'll probably push Fran over the top for a pink slip. Add it up and they probably finish 9-2. Definitely good enough for 19, and likely to move up.

20. Virginia Tech: I really don't think the Hokies are very good -- again, good teams don't lose 48-7 and come out and play like a bunch of Nancies -- but the ACC is very weak, and they are likely to win eight or nine games at least, and probably another to boot.

21. Virginia: They are 6-1, and still have two or three very winnable games on the schedule. I don't think they are very good, but they are nonetheless looking at 8 or 9 regular season wins. Congrats Al Groh, you aren't going to get fired.

22. Texas Tech: The Red Raiders are 6-1, losing only to Oklahoma State on a dropped touchdown pass as time expired. This team is likely to reach 8 or 9 wins for sure, and could go for more. Plus you have to love anyone who massacres Fran.

23. Michigan: I figure Carr is gone at year's end, but the Wolverines have won five straight and they deserve to be here. The truth is that if these guys can beat Illinois this week, they are with little doubt the second best team in the Little Ten. Granted they are likely to still be Ohio State's bitch come late November, the point remains that they are, somehow, still going to win 8 or 9 games and finish second or third in the Little Ten.

24. Kansas State: The Wildcats are 4-2, and likely have another four wins on the table. Good enough for 24. If they could only play Texas every week...

25. Oklahoma State: The 4-3 Cowboys aren't that good, but hey, they gave Nebraska their worst loss in decades (nice knowing you Callahan), and Gundy gave us an incredible meltdown. That's good enough for "Mr. Irrelevant" in my top 25.