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Thanks for Nothing Arkansas

Since Todd's spreading sunshine and rainbows this week, please allow me to get back to your regularly scheduled hate:

Thanks for nothing Arkansas.

As some of you probably know, Todd & I are also fans of UAB (though secondarily of course.) Just about the only formula that would ever allow the Crimson Tide and the Blazers to meet in football would be them playing in the BCS title game and that is highly unlikely. So, there's no real conflict in us wanting success for both teams.

Over the last decade, Alabama has been up and down, UAB has been the definition of a struggling mid-major and Auburn has been doing quite well. We were less than two minutes away this weekend from being able to celebrate what is a fairly rare trifecta:

  • Alabama winning
  • UAB winning
  • Auburn losing

Alabama won a close one over Ole Miss 27-24, UAB narrowly beat Tulane 26-21 and Arkansas had Auburn on the ropes before making a boneheaded play on the kickoff and allowing Auburn to waltz down the field for the winning field goal to win 9-7. We turned on the radio as we were pulling out of the parking lot of Legion Field and heard the majority of Arkansas' scoring drive. We high fived while speeding down I-20/59 when Casey Dick threw the go ahead TD pass. Our hopes were dashed soon enough though and we found ourselves muttering:

"Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad."

The last two times I can remember us hitting the trifecta were in 2006 and 2003:

Alabama 30, Duke 17
UAB 35, Memphis 29
Auburn 10, Arkansas 27

Alabama 40, South Florida 17
UAB 24, Baylor 19
Auburn 0, Southern Cal 23

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for it again...