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SEC Packets: Week Seven Results

I'm going to try doing this in a table format with any comments below this week since real life is rudely intruding, and I think I'm catching a cold. Let me know how it looks.

Results OTS Picked Nico Picked Todd Picked
Alabama 27
Ole Miss 24
Alabama Alabama Alabama
Tennessee 33
Mississippi State 21
Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
Kentucky 43
LSU 37
South Carolina 21
North Carolina 15
South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
Georgia 20
Vanderbilt 17
Georgia Georgia Georgia
Auburn 9
Arkansas 7
Auburn Auburn Arkansas
Michigan 48
Purdue 21
Purdue Purdue Purdue
Oklahoma State 45
Nebraska 14
Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
Boston College 27
Notre Dame 14
Boston College Boston College Boston College
Texas Tech 35
Texas A&M 7
Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech
Oklahoma 41
Missouri 31
Oklahoma Oklahoma Missouri

OTS now has a commanding lead with a 61-17 mark, while Nico continues to outdistance me at 58-20, and I keep digging myself in deeper and deeper after my two upset picks didn't pan out to fall to 55-23.

Perhaps my embarassing admission was a sign of things to come?