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Crimson Tide News Links for Tuesday, 10/16/07

Pete Holiday does an outstanding job of debunking any and all Ole Miss theories that they were robbed of a win on Saturday by the officials. So, you know, get over it.

And on that note, it's a good thing Kevin "I'm a Giant Flaming Pile of Douche that Would Make a Bag of Waffles and Jam Look Like Albert Einstein by Comparison" Scarbinsky isn't a replay official.

Congratulations to Javier Arenas, the SEC Special Teams Player of the Week:

Return Specialist / Defensive Back
5-9 • 193 • Sophomore
Tampa, Fla. (Robinson HS)

* Arenas returned two punts for 71 yards and four kickoffs for 93 yards in Alabama's 27-24 win against Ole Miss.
* His 54-yard punt return with 8:56 left in the game set up the Crimson Tide's game-tying touchdown drive.
* He also saw extensive action in the fourth quarter as Alabama's sixth defensive back.
* Arenas ranks second in the SEC and is 12th nationally in punt return average (16.2 yards per return).

Also, a tip of the hat to Ole Miss DE Greg Hardy, who was named SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week after his one man wrecking crew performance against us.

Coach Saban is pleased with the offense's performance on Saturday:

But in the 27-24 victory at Ole Miss, coach Nick Saban said beleaguered quarterback John Parker Wilson played his best game of the season. And when Alabama stalled on offense, it usually was self-inflicted.

"That's how the offense has got to operate," Saban said of the offense's performance. "We've got to have that kind of balance; we've got to open it up.

"We've got to continue to run the ball effectively but we've got to be able to throw it and make plays in the passing game. We've got too many good skill guys."

Listen up, jackasses that throw stuff on the field, yankees are calling us out on our behavior:

(Off) the Mark

Southern behavior. After Alabama's 27-24 win at Ole Miss ended in controversy, Rebels fans littered the stadium with bottles, cups and even a pair of high-heeled shoes. At least three fans were arrested for throwing objects at the Crimson Tide as they left the field.

"If they want to be classless, that's their business," Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban told reporters after the game. "They shouldn't be throwing stuff. Our fans shouldn't be throwing stuff." Alabama fans bombarded Georgia's players with litter while the Bulldogs celebrated a 26-23 win in overtime at Bryant-Denny Stadium on Sept. 22.

Bulldogs coach Mark Richt shoved some of his players while they celebrated at midfield after Brandon Coutu kicked a 37-yard field goal as time expired to beat Vanderbilt 20-17 on Saturday. Richt was upset the players were jumping on the Vanderbilt logo.

So, you know, cut it out. If Mark Schlabach and the WWL have a reason to talk smack about us, then we need to shape up.

Looking ahead to Tennessee, the Sporting News is keen on the Vol offense:

Tennessee is now No. 1 in passing offense in the SEC with 270.5 yards per game and fourth overall, averaging 425.5 yards.

Ainge is second in total offense (256 ypg) and third in passing efficiency (140.8 passer rating). Tailback Arian Foster is sixth in the league with an average of 89 ypg and has rushed for 294 yards and five touchdowns during Tennessee's winning streak.

But perhaps the statistic that most shows the Tennessee offense's all-around effort is the number of sacks the Volunteers have given up. They lead the nation after allowing just two in six games. Four teams have allowed four this year.

Meanwhile, the Daily Times is high on the Vol rushing attack:

Arian Foster scored only a single touchdown against Mississippi State on Saturday, but the message he sent was much more significant. With Foster's 139 yards on 21 carries against a bruising Bulldog front line, Tennessee proved it has a running game after all.

There won't be any loudspeakers blaring Rocky Top at practice this week, as Saban is treating the Third Saturday in October like any other game:

"When you go out and play and line up, it’s about who you are and what kind of character and competitive attitude you have. A lot of that external stuff really doesn’t matter in terms of your ability to focus and do what you need to do to be successful.

"I don’t know if there’s any song or jersey color or anything else that helps you do that. If somebody has any evidence of that I’d certainly try it if you prove it to me."

Finally, your Tuesday morning YouTube comes courtesy Jose Gonzalez: