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Crimson Tide News Links for Wednesday, 10/17/07

Justin Britt is back on campus and working with the team, but it's still unknown if he will play against Tennessee:

Britt was not working with the first team at his regular left guard position in the early stages of practice on Monday. The Crimson Tide featured the same starting line that played against Ole Miss: tackles Andre Smith and Mike Johnson, guards Caldwell and Marlon Davis and center Evan Cardwell.

"We've got to prepare if he's not going to be here," Caldwell said. "I'm still going to be playing some left guard. I'll probably start out at right guard if he's here. We're just preparing to see whatever happens."

I still haven't read anything on the condition of his mother, so if anyone knows how she is doing, let us know in the comments.

Alabama FB Baron Huber is from Knoxville and grew up a UT fan, but now his family is wholeheatedly with the Tide:

After Baron Huber signed his letter of intent to go to Alabama, his family hosted a yard sale.

The Hubers, who hail from Knoxville, sold off all their Tennessee apparel, much to the chagrin of their friends and one family member -- an uncle of Baron's.

"They love Alabama. They'll always be Alabama fans now," said Huber.

"It wasn't very hard for them to become Alabama fans."

Bad news kids, the Red Zone woes are sticking around:

This time a year ago, Alabama had had 32 possessions inside the 20, of which 24 resulted in points. However, the Tide only had 11 touchdowns - six by a pass and five on the ground. Overall, that worked out to a somewhat respectable overall percentage of 75, which ranked seventh in the SEC, with a horrendous 34 percent for the touchdowns.

Currently, the Crimson Tide actually ranks lower in the SEC, ninth, despite having much better results. On the same number of possessions, 32, Alabama has scored 27 times, for an overall percentage of 84.4, but with 19 touchdowns (59 percent).

Memphis Tider is kind of mean:

One kid that I really want Rashad Johnson or Zeke Knight to get a pretty good hit on is Austin Rogers. There's just something about the kid that I don't like. Either way, check out this article about him.

Finally, your morning YouTube comes courtesy the Tom Tom Club: