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UT Hate Love Week: Cormac McCarthy

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It pains me to say it, but the best book I have ever read was produced by a Vol.

From Wikipedia:

McCarthy entered the University of Tennessee in 1951-1952 and was a liberal arts major. In 1953 he joined the United States Air Force for four years, two of which he spent in Alaska where he hosted a radio show. In 1957 he returned to the University of Tennessee. During this time in college he published two stories in a student paper and won the Ingram-Merrill award in 1959 and 1960. In 1961 he and fellow university student Lee Holleman were married and had their son Cullen. He left school without earning a degree and moved with his family to Chicago where he wrote his first novel.

So yeah, even if he doesn't have a degree from UT, he was at one point enrolled there and did grow up in Knoxville. I can't hold that against him, though, since he is my favorite author and one of the most respected writers in American Literature, so much so that Oprah went to him for an interview after selecting The Road as one of her Book of the Month selections. So we tip our hat to Mr. McCarthy, and eagerly await the film adaptation of No Country For Old Men.