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Thursday Night Lights: #2 South Florida at Rutgers Open Thread

Since I felt like fresh hell today and still wound up at work, I didn't have a chance to get the big picks post togehter, so it will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, though, we wanted to go ahead and get up an open thread for the game tonight since I'm sure most of you will be watching (me, I'll be in bed, struggling to breathe, and flipping back and forth between it and The Office), and figured we might as well put up our picks with it. So give us your comments on the game before, during, and after, and check back tomorrow to find out how we think the SEC and rest of the national games of interest will shake out.

Opponents OTS
#2 South Florida at Rutgers
10/18 - 6:30pm CST

In a game that suddenly has national championship implications, I have to go with the Bulls. I know the Big East conference likes to make Ray Rice out to be Jim Brown, but the truth is that Rutgers isn't that great, as shown by back-to-back losses against Maryland and Cincinnati. I know the game is on the road, but if the Bulls can go into Jordan-Hare Stadium and beat Auburn, they can go on the road to beat Rutgers. I say the Bulls move one step closer to New Orleans.

How long can the USF miracle continue? I don't know, but I do think it will continue for at least another week or two. Rutgers is 4-2 and has lost both games it has played against above average BCS schools (Cincinnati and Maryland.) Their biggest win of the year so far is over Navy, with their next biggest victory coming against Buffalo. Rutgers will have the home field advantage, but I'm not sure that means a whole lot here if USF can waltz into Jordan-Hare and steal a win (not to mention winning in West Virginia last year.) Naturally, I'm pulling for USF...and not because they're a great story, but because I briefly attended USF. Sure, I was only enrolled one semester and only took one class, but they got some of my money. Go Bulls!

Ever the contrarian, I'm going with Rutgers here since USF (and Grothe in particular) are due for some mind numbingly horrific play on a national stage. Quoth Orson:

South Florida will lose a game soon, possibly multiples, and most likely because of the same traits that got them to this point: Grothe's reckless play. He takes chances, wins games-yay, scrambling daredevil banditoback! He takes chances, throws into double coverage for a pick-boo, careless, conceited bastardback!


Grothe, you magnificent redneck bastard, I read your book!