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Todd's Friday Embarassing Admission...

...or, Todd Attempts to Curry Favor With the Football Gods by Admitting his Moral, Cultural, and Intellectual Flaws in a Very Public Manner.

Admitting I love Tequiza and voluntarily watched Norbit kept my internet working and the PPV game on, owning up to my lust for Paris Hilton garnered the Tide a win over Vandy despite some offensive troubles, and copping to a disturbing love for Phil Collins bought us a stirring fourth quarter rally against Arkansas. But since admitting that I own RV and the Pacifier apparently wasn't embarassing enough to get a win over Georgia, and what should have been a national title winning admission saw us play even worse against Florida State, I decided to stick it to the Football Gods and brag about my awesome guitar. They repaid my hubris with an ugly win over Houston, so I once again humbly submitted something embarassing, namely my love of Erotica era Madonna in exchange for a win over Ole Miss. Since this is the Third Saturday in October, I'm stepping things up again, and offering three embarassing admissions for the price of one.

Just posting this picture should be enough for a win...

Admission the First: I have seen Legends of the Fall.

Admission the Second: Not only have I seen Legends of the Fall, I saw it in the theater, and not only did I see it in the theater, I saw it by myself in the theater. That's right people, I actively, and of my own free will, sought out and paid good money for Legends of the Fall.

Admission the Third: Here's the kicker people, and this one should be good for a shot at Atlanta, at the end, where Julia Ormond kills herself, I cried. Not like, boo hoo bawling, but a tear did form and roll down my cheek. So yeah, not one of my prouder moments, and if this doesn't get us the win, I don't know what will.

Now that that's out of the way, here are your Friday Morning Links and Such:

Good news for the Britt Family:

Justin is back with the Crimson Tide, practicing Wednesday with the first-string offensive line for the first time since Vera Britt was hospitalized with a severe head injury the weekend of the Oct. 6 Houston game. She fell from a cart and struck her head on the pavement, cracking her skull in five places.

Two surgeries later, she continues to make gradual improvement. Doctors said last week she had a 15 percent chance of living. She remains in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at Birmingham's Trinity Medical Center, but there have been positive signs, Justin said.

On Tuesday, she grabbed a toothbrush and held it to her teeth.

"It's been nothing short of a miracle," Justin said. "Now all the swelling has gone down out of her face. She's responding to everybody, knows all our names. It's just going to be a long process, but she's making it. She's doing great."

The Vols look to be pretty healthy against us tomorrow:

...the Vols have no injuries exceeding bruises and soreness, Fulmer said. Tailback LaMarcus Coker and wide receiver Lucas Taylor, who both worked slowly back into the mix this week following a concussion and injured toe respectively against Mississippi State, are both healthy and will be available Saturday.

If the offense will get out there and execute, the passing game should flourish against a Vols secondary that's leaning on a couple of true freshmen:

The defense allowed 45 points in the first game, 59 points in the third and a whopping 1,025 yards in the two defeats.

Thus the secondary was clearly a concern for Tennessee, and recent answers have come from a pair of true freshmen. Rookies Brent Vinson (left cornerback) and Eric Berry (strong safety) have already earned starting roles on the Volunteers' improving defense.

"They've got a true freshman out there," Alabama receiver DJ Hall said of Vinson, tongue in cheek. "We're just going to take it easy on him."

ESPN takes a look at the hot seat currently occupied by Fulmer:

So much so, that the media and fans opened a flamethrower on Fulmer, burning him with some undeniable negatives such as:
The Vols are 18-23 versus ranked teams since the '98 national championship season, and just 3-7 in their past 10 games against top-25 teams.
Fulmer is 4-8 against Steve Spurrier, 0-3 vs. Urban Meyer, 1-3 vs. Tommy Tuberville, 3-4 against Mark Richt and 1-2 against Nick Saban.
The Vols have gone eight years without winning the SEC, seven years without playing in a BCS bowl, five years without a final top 10 ranking, and twice since 2000 weren't even ranked in the top 25 at the end of the year.
For five straight years and seven of the past eight, Tennessee has had at least three losses, including two seasons (2003 and '05) with multiple losses to unranked teams. The Vols are 2-5 in bowl games since '98, all double-digit losses.
There's also the fact that since 2000, 14 new coaches have come into the SEC, and Fulmer has lost at least once to nine of them.

Hopefully we can make things that much warmer for him tomorrow.

And finally, what you've all been waiting for, your Friday Mcphee.

You're welcome.