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On the offensive side of the ball, it seems like we are going to have some changes for the Tennessee game.

First and foremost, the offensive line, apparently, is being re-shuffled.

Antoine Caldwell moved to left guard for the Ole Miss game with the absence of Justin Britt (family reasons), and though Britt will return this week Caldwell is apparently going to remain at guard. Sophomore Evan Cardwell will remain at center, and either way Caldwell is not going to be there, it seems. Earlier in the week, Caldwell stated that he would either play left guard if Britt didn't return, or that he would move over to right guard if Britt did return.

The real interesting position, however, is right tackle. If you recall the Ole Miss game, Mike Johnson -- who had played pretty solid most of the year -- made Greg Hardy look like an All-American, and he was benched for the last series in lieu of Chris Capps. And now it seems that B.J. Stabler will be starting at right tackle.

So, all in all, it's looking like a major shake-up on the offensive line. The first several weeks the line remained unchanged, and was the following (from left to right):

Andre Smith, Justin Britt, Antoine Caldwell, Marlon Davis, Mike Johnson.

Now, though, that's going to change drastically. It seems almost guaranteed now that the line will look like one of the two following possibilities for the Tennessee game:

Andre Smith, Antoine Caldwell, Evan Cardwell, Marlon Davis, B.J. Stabler


Andre Smith, Justin Britt, Evan Cardwell, Antoine Caldwell, B.J. Stabler.

So, either way, three of the starting spots on the offensive line are apparently going to be shuffled.

The other big change is going to come in the running game.

Over the past two weeks, Glen Coffee was the main tailback in the Crimson Tide playing rotation. Last week against Ole Miss, however, Coffee fumbled three times, and his third fumble -- one that came on a play that would have resulted in a first and goal at the Ole Miss three -- was his last carry of the day. From that point on, Coffee didn't touch the ball at all.

And now you read reports of Jimmy Johns getting increased carries in practice, at least in the parts that the media is allowed to view. Perhaps this is the week that Johns finally resurfaces. Or perhaps not. Either way, it doesn't seem likely that you'll be seeing much of Glen Coffee this week.

So... we have some big changes on offense for the Tennessee game. The offensive line looks to be re-shuffled, and we will likely have a new face carrying the football for the Crimson Tide.