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In case you were wondering when, the time has officially come for the rumor mill regarding head coaches to open for business.

Tom Dienhart of the Sporting News bluntly states in his latest column regarding Dennis Franchione, who is currently embroiled in a controversy over selling insider information on his web site regarding player injuries and very frank player assessments in terms of talent, the following:

What's it mean? Fran is done.

Well, since Fran is done, who will replace him? Dienhart again opines...

Early word I hear is that Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville would be interested in coaching A&M, where he worked earlier in his career. He wants out of Auburn, and Auburn wants him gone.

Keep in mind that I'm not saying anything as to the validity of these rumors, I wouldn't have a clue either way, but just so you know the coaching rumor mill is starting to open up in full swing.