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The Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index: Week Six

Last week we found our hero confident, yet concerned about the Tide's chances in Jacksonville. The confidence wasn't entirely merited, while the concerns about an offense that struggled to move the ball and sustain drives against Georgia were entirely warranted. Naturally, I want to take this opportunity to say congratulations to our friends over at Tomahawk Nation. It looks like you guys might have finally found a QB, so best of luck the rest of the season, and hopefully we'll see you guys again down the road. I know this was a big game that fans from both sides were really looking forward to, and it's too bad it was such a sloppy affair instead of the thrilling clash of powerhouse programs we were all looking forward to. So let's hope both teams will be on much better footing next year after a season with the new staffs and we'll get another chance to play some good football in the post season.

Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index
vs Houston
at Ole Miss
vs Tennessee
vs LSU
at Mississippi State
vs La. Monroe
at Auburn
All that being said, there are no changes for the BACWI this week. I'm still confident that we have playmakers at every position on offense and that our defense is overachieving enough that, if they can get a little help from the ticket sellers, they'll be more than adequate to get this football team some wins.

10/06 - vs Houston

I'm going to be honest with you, the panicky, dramatic, "two straight losses, the season is spiraling into oblivion!" Bama fan in me wants to bump the Cougars up to "The Pressure is On," but I'm holding firm in my belief that the Tide can right the ship and start winning some football games agan. Houston is sitting at 2-2 right now, but they're a few missed field goals at East Carolina away from riding a three game win streak. They're sporting some tremendous offensive firepower right now, ranking 15th in the nation in Total Offense, averaging 483.5 yards per game, with 281.5 of those yards coming through the air. This will be a stout test for the Tide secondary, as they are currently giving up an average of 197 ypg through the air and the D as a whole is giving up 330.8 ypg total. The Cougar's Defensive numbers are eerily similar. They are surrendering 364.25 ypg total, with 186.25 of those yards coming through the air and 178 on the ground. Those numbers are slightly skewed considering the level of competition, though. The win over Tulane helped average them down, as the Green Wave managed only 85 yards rushing and 313 yards of total offense, while the Oregon Ducks, the only truly good team this Houston squad has faced piled up 473 yards of offense, 339 of them on the ground, on their way to a 48-27 rout. Looking at those numbers, if we don't see Terry Grant getting the ball in space and running wild, Applewhite needs to have his head examined. Still, the fact that the Cougars actually won the yardage battle against an offensive chic team like Oregon (they had 545 total yard vs the Ducks' 473) and are averaging 33.5 points a game makes me nervous enough to think this will be a frustrating game that will come down to that same old song and dance: Can the Tide offense move the ball and get on the board early and often to win a shootout like they did against Arkansas? Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

10/13 - at Ole Miss

Ole Miss continued their disturbing trend of playing much better teams far too close with a tough first half performance against Georgia this weekend. The Dawgs took a 17-10 lead into the half before pouring it on in the second, scoring 28 answered points to end things 45-17. That is, of course, not as impressive as their tight 24-30 loss to Florida, but then again the fact that the Gators managed to lose to Auburn makes me think that tight game said more about Florida's shortcomings than the Rebels strengths. They'll likely advance to only 2-4 with a win over La. Tech this weekend (though that's not necessarily a given), but since the Rebs have given our own beloved Tide all they had the past two seasons, taking us to OT last year, I'm keeping them at Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound.

10/20 - vs Tennessee

The Vols had a bye this week, so what I said about them last week stands:

I'm tempted to leave the Vols at Family Tradition level concern, but they've got a good QB, and the aforementioned pass coverage problems and offensive struggles are what's upgrading everyone to Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound. The Vols can't stop the run, apparently, giving up 130 on the ground to Arkansas State, so that gives me a little comfort that we can set Grant, Coffee, and whoever else loose on them all day long, but this has all the makings of a shootout, so until the offense proves it can get going early, concern remains. Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

11/3 - vs LSU

LSU continues to look mortal, letting Tulane of all teams manhandle them for an entire half. Still, until someone proves otherwise, this is the best team in the league, and if we stand a chance it will be because we outcoach and out "want to" the Bayou Bengals, not because we have the better team. The Pressure is On

11/10 - at Mississippi State

Assessment remains the same after the Bulldogs dropped one in Columbia this weekend. The Bulldogs will probably be riding a three game skid, with losses to Tennessee, at West Virginia, and at Kentucky, when Alabama comes to Starkville, and they're the one of two teams I feel confident enough to leave at...Family Tradition

11/17 - vs Lousiana-Monroe

This is the other one. They gave us a good fight for a half last year, but the talent and depth differentials will wear them out fast enough. Family Tradition

11/24 - at Auburn

Bumping Auburn up to Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound was pretty prescient last week. The Teagles stunning upset of Florida looked like the kind of Auburn team we've all been watching the past few seasons. Strong, fast, defense, efficient offense, and winning with ball control, field position, and the kicking game. That's the exact game plan that could suffocate a Crimson Tide team that's ineffective on offense. I'm still not sold on them getting much better than they are right now, while I am confident the Tide will be playing much better once November 24th rolls around, but for now, they remain Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound.