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SEC Packets: Week Eight Results

Results OTS Picked Nico Picked Todd Picked
Rutgers 30
South Florida 27
South Florida South Florida Rutgers
Alabama 41
Tennessee 17
Alabama Alabama Alabama
Vandy 17
South Carolina 6
South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
Arkansas 44
Ole Miss 8
Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas
West Virginia 38
Mississippi State 13
West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia
Florida 45
Kentucky 37
Florida Florida Kentucky
LSU 30
Auburn 24
Southern Cal 38
Notre Dame 0
Miami (FL) 37
Florida State 29
Florida State Florida State Florida State
Mizzou 41
Texas Tech 10
Mizzou Mizzou Texas Tech
Michigan 27
Illinois 17
Michigan Michigan Michigan

Contrarian Contrition

It looked like I was going to dig myself out a little with the Rutgers pick, but damned if Kentucky and Texas Tech didn't let me down (and in the case of the Red Raiders, BIG TIME). So the standings after this week look like OTS 69-20 (77.5%), Nico 66-23 (74.1%), and I keep falling further and further behind to 62-27 (69.6%). And to think, if Texas Tech had won, I was going to celebrate by posting pictures of trashy pirate costumes like the ones pictured below: