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BlogPoll Calling: Todd's Ballot

1. Ohio State: Yeah, yeah, they haven't played anyone and they've scraped by on defense alone. Sound familiar?

2. Boston College: Will get a chance to prove they belong here on Thursday against Va. Tech. Something tells me they'll fail.

3. Oklahoma: They scraped by again, but there is no way I'm jumping LSU over them after that boneheaded decision to throw at the end of the game. And yes, I know it worked, but holy crap. Could you imagine the calls for Miles's head if it hadn't?

4. Arizona State: I'm jumping them ahead of LSU as well. Damn, that was stupid.

5. LSU: They get worse and worse each week, and the staff (read Les Miles) is going to screw up and give a game away. Hopefully in two weeks.

In the meantime, please enjoy this clip of what's going on in Les Miles's brain when making crucial decision.

6. Oregon: Stays put at six for now.

7. West Virginia: Move up from #10 by virtue of others moving down after a win over Mississippi State.

8. Kansas: Ditto, but up from #11 after a win over Colorado.

9. Virginia Tech: Ditto, but up from #13 after a bye week.

10. Florida: Up from #18 after a good win over a good Kentucky team.

11. Missouri: Up from #16 after beating the snot out of the Red Raiders.

12. Hawaii: They stay put after a bye week.

13. Kentucky: Down from number #7 after a close loss to a good Florida team.

14. Texas: They continue to struggle some, but they move up a spot after a win over Baylor.

15. Southern Cal: Beating up on Notre Dame proves nothing, but they get the bump up from #19 just the same.

16. South Carolina: Down from #8 after losing to Vandy. Should probably fall more, but I want to reserve my biggest punishment for...

17. South Florida: ...who attained the lofty heights of a #2 ranking (#4 on my ballot) and then pooped it away against an unranked Rutgers team. I hate you, South Florida, and revel in your misery.

18. Virginia: Had to pull some late game heroics against Maryland, but their win streak extends to seven, so a jump from #21 it is.

19. Alabama: The Tide returns to the rankings after a thoroughly dominating performance against Tennessee. Even though I had the Vols as low as #25 in my rankings last week, I'm a homer, and that makes the Tide's entry at #19 perfectly reasonable.

DJ Hall and John Parker Wilson deserve every ounce of praise they get for this game, but my hat is off to Mr. Kareem Jackson. Huzzah for the true freshman! Huzzah!

20. Rutgers: The Scarlet Knights re-enter the rankings as well, but since I'm not a Rutgers homer I won't give them the same credit for knocking off the #4 (at least on my ballot) team in the country as I did the Tide. So, you know, suck it Jersey.

21. Wake Forest: Up from #24 after a good win over a good Navy team.

22. Penn State: Up from #23 after an unimpressive win over Indiana and others fall out.

23. Cal: Down from #14. I'm tempted to drop them altogether, though, but with others faltering they remain in for now.

24. Auburn: Down from #22, but LSU is a good team and they really dominated in that game.

25. Georgia: After a bye week I'm putting the Dawgs back in, if only to keep from ranking Michigan, who I swore wouldn't see my ballot again unless they win the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl. Then and only then will they get another nod.

Dropped Out: Texas Tech (#17), Cincinatti (#20), Tennesse (#25)