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Your Monday AM Links and Such

Just a few brief ones this morning:

Congratulations to John Parker Wilson, Lindy's Offensive Player of the Week.

Gotta love that Rocky Top Talk. Our UT brethren have all the gory details of the Tide's dominance over the Vols on Saturday, with nifty graphs and an animated drive chart. They also got an unwanted Google Ad after the game:

David Climer of the Jackson Sun details all the misery the Vols have gone through this season, but thinks Fulmer likely has one more year to get things right:

Let's be clear on this, however: Barring a total collapse the rest of the way, nothing is going to happen this year. But it sets up next season as a crossroads in Fulmer's tenure at UT. Much repair work must be done.

And on that note, he put the Vols through Sunday night practice in an effort to make sure that total collapse doesn't come to fruition.

The Capstone Report makes a great point about Saturday's unexpected suspensions (emphasis mine):

But the bigger statement than even the game, was Alabama's willingness to suspend players before a big game for potential violations. It was the failure to act swiftly that began Alabama's decades of misery. Not this time. The administration and coaches made clear they want to win the right way.

Finally, your morning YouTube comes courtesy of the Million Dollar Band and You:

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