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Still No Respect for DJ Hall (or JPW)

The SEC announced the players of the week today, and DJ Hall was relegated to the "Other Outstanding Performances" category after Offensive Player of the Week went to LSU QB Matt Flynn. Further, conspicuous in his absence is John Parker Wilson, who's 32 of 46 for 363 yards and 3 TDs earned him Offensive Player of the Week honors over at Lindy's but apparently wasn't even "outstanding" to the SEC, and is made even more head scratchingly strange considering Tennessee QB Erik Ainge's two pick performance garnered him an "outstanding performance" nod.

The powers that be, though, weren't completely blind, as Kareem Jackson was named Freshman of the Week:

5-11 * 185
Macon, Ga. (Westside HS/Fork Union)

* Jackson was credited with six total tackles (five solos), two interceptions and a tackle for loss in Alabama's 41-17 win against Tennessee.
* First interception came in third quarter at the Alabama 10-yard line with the Tide leading, 24-17, and was returned 29 yards.
* His second interception came in the fourth quarter at the Alabama 27-yard line.
* Alabama defense shut out Tennessee in the second half.

So congratulations and a big thanks to both Hall and Jackson for their respective performances on Saturday.