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Suspended Players Allowed to Practice...

...but still no word on when they can return to the team:

No length has been determined for the suspensions, the school announced Monday night. The five players were suspended Friday and did not play in Saturday's 41-17 win over Tennessee.

In an explanatory press release, the school said there is no time line for the inquiry's completion and that no other student-athletes in other sports have been suspended "at this time." As the investigation continues, though, it's possible other student-athletes could be implicated.

Coach Saban, while acknowledging the players share the blame, is also skeptical about the University's textbook distribution system:

"We had some guys use poor judgment in how they did it," Saban said. "Now, the NCAA might see it as an extra benefit. When we saw it, we reported it. But the system failed the players, too. If we call a bad play and it doesn't work, we're responsible."

There's still no word on just what the improprieties are or how they were discovered.