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Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys Love Football

A friend of mine and his wife are trying to get some couples together to go to dinner and see the Pompeii exhibit at the Birmingham Musuem of Art the Saturday of the Mississippi State Game. It looks cool, and The Girl and I want to go, but I stipulated that I wouldn't miss the game for it, and was telling her so on the phone this afternoon. She was quick to say "We are not missing this for a football game" to which I, naturally, said "Oh hell yes we are. We can work around the game." Anyway, after that pleasant exchange, we hung up, and she called back a few minutes later to tell me that while we were talking she was headed to her car and was standing next to an older woman, and when she made her comment about not missing it for the game, the woman turned to her and said "Oh honey, you're going to have a very long life." Thought y'all might find that amusing.

They'll never always stay home and they're you're always alone, even with someone they you love.