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SEC as Mexican Standoff, or Iowans Love Reservoir Dogs

I was tooling around in my RSS Reader last night, and came across this post over at the SBN Iowa blog Black Heart Gold Pants, where they have managed to sum up the current situation in the SEC in a precise and humorous manner:

Ohio State has played nobody. Their best win is certainly Purdue, who can only be classified as positively mediocre. They have been lackluster at times, particularly against Akron, Washington, and Michigan State. They are most certainly good, but they aren't one of the best two, or three, or five teams in the nation. Yet with the Mexican Standoff that is the SEC, and oddball losses by the other contenders, there OSU sits, at #1. Again.

Mexican standoff? Sounds about right.

They even managed to find a jort clad example!