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Boston College at Virginia Tech Open Thread, or What Todd is Watching While Waiting for The Office

Since doing the Thursday night thread with our picks for that game, followed by a big post for all the other games on Friday worked out well for us last week, we're going to start doing that from now on. So give us your picks and thoughts before, during, and after the game.

Opponents OTS
Boston College at Virginia Tech
10/25 - 6:30pm CST

This one will be a close one, but I'm going with BC. Virginia Tech has played one good team all year long, and were annihilated 48-7 by them. They are 7-1, but the only halfway decent team they have beaten is a mediocre Clemson team, and Boston College will be a new test. Moreover, Tyrod Taylor, the spark of the Hokie offense, is apparently not going to play due to an ankle injury, and the BC defense is one of the best and the country and should shut down VT. Matt Ryan, the Eagles QB, is likely a first round draft pick, and he'll lead his team to a win in Blacksburg, and they'll move to 8-0. I still figure they choke somewhere, but I don't think it will be here.

I've been mulling this pick over all week and for no good reason I'm going to go with Virginia Tech. These teams that aren't used to being in the spotlight are choking big time when all eyes are on them as they will be on BC tonight. I'm sure this will be me falling one step further behind OTS and it'll let Todd gain some ground, but I'm just not feeling BC on this one.

Going with the contrarian pick in Rutgers worked out for me last week, and I'm sorely tempted to go with the Hokies here. They've gotten back on track the past two weeks, dominating both Clemson and Duke with, what else, defense and special teams after a dismal start to the season. But, as OTS pointed out, Taylor is likely out for this game, and I just don't trust them to score enough against a good BC defense to top all the points the Eagles will more than likely put up. I think this one could be close, and I'm afraid I'm going to regret picking BC, but here it is.