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Gone Bowling: The Big 12

Already In

7-0 (3-0)

The Jayhawks reached 6-6 last season, but still didn't get a bowl invite? So how do you remedy that slight? Win your first seven games to make sure no one ignores you this year. At Texas A&M, Nebraska, at Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and Mizzou round out the schedule, and wins over TAMU, Nebraska, OSU, and ISU seem likely. CBS thinks they'll land in the Holiday Bowl vs UCLA.

6-1 (2-1)

The inevitable Gary Pinkel collapse is way behind schedule, and this could finally be the year the Tigers live up to expectations. Most predict a rematch with OU in the title game, and a remaining schedule that reads Iowa State, at Colorado, TAMU, at K State, and at Kansas is a big reason why. CBS has them pegged for the Cotton Bowl against little brother.

7-1 (3-1)

The Sooners stumbled at Folsom Field against an improving Colorado, and struggled mightily against a pretty bad Iowa State. Still, they look like the lock bet for the Big 12, and should close the season with relative ease against TAMU, Baylor, at Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State. CBS has them in the Fiesta Bowl vs Southern Cal.

Texas A&M
6-2 (3-1)

The Aggies are due for a coaching change after some mind numbingly bad coaching decisions cost them a spotlight game against Miami (FL), and Franchione got himself in some hot water for providing insider (read: gambling) info to boosters in a double secret newsletter that he charged $1200 a year for. Further pushing Fran out the door will be a very likely dismal end to the season, with Kansas, at OU, at Mizzou, and Texas remaining. This team could very well be 6-6 at the end of the season. CBS has them pegged for the Alamo Bowl against Illinois.

6-2 (2-2)

Texas continues to struggle in the post-Vince Young era, but they're a solid football team with a manageable slate. Nebraska, at OSU, Texas Tech, and at TAMU remain, and they'll win at three of those, if not all. CBS has them slotted in the Gator Bowl vs Clemson.

Texas Tech
6-2 (2-2)

What can I say about the Red Raiders? Gawdy numbers on offense, terrible numbers on defense, and strange losses to teams they should have blown out of the water. Just another season in Lubbock, I guess. Colorado, at Baylor, at Texas, and at Oklahoma remain, and they'll damn sure beat Baylor to at least get to seven wins and secure an invite. CBS has them taking on Purdue in the Insight Bowl.

Getting In

Oklahoma State
5-3 (3-1)

The Pokes had a lot of sleeper hype in the preseason, but their big chance to make a splash by upsetting Georgia in the opener never materialized, and a drubbing by Troy (straight off the dirt roads of Alabama, cuz!) in primetime had everyone pretty well leaving them for dead. An upset over Texas Tech got them back on track though, and with a remaining schedule that reads Texas, Kansas, at Baylor, and at Oklahoma, there are plenty of chances to get that sixth win. CBS thinks they'll make a return trip to the Independence Bowl, this year against Arkansas.

Hoping to Get In

Kansas State
4-3 (2-2)

The Wildcats had a great chance to start the season with a bang at Auburn, but a meltdown in the second half gave little brother a win they probably shouldn't have. They've been inconsistent over the course of the season, but they should be able to carve out three wins against Baylor, at Iowa State, at Nebraska, Missouri, and at Fresno State. CBS has them in the Texas Bowl vs UTEP.

4-4 (2-2)

After a depressing inaugural season for Dan Hawkins, the Buffs are respectable again, giving both Florida State and Kansas all they could take in defeat, and upsetting a damn good Sooner team. At Texas Tech, Missouri, at Iowa State, and Nebraska remain, with both Iowa State and Nebraska looking like the two wins they'll need to get eligible. CBS does not think they'll get an invite, though.

4-4 (1-3)

What can you say about the once mighty Huskers and their ill fitting coach Bill Callahan that hasn't been said already? At Texas, at Kansas, K State, and at Colorado remain, and it's not inconceivable to think these guys will be staying home this year. CBS agrees.

Staying Home

Iowa State
1-7 (0-4)

First year HC Gene Chizik has one signature win, over in state rival Iowa, but the program he walked into is in such bad shape that it will be a few years before they'll have a chance to move up to the "Getting In" category. At Missouri, K State, Colorado, and at Kansas means they'll probably wind up 1-11.

3-5 (0-4)

What can you say, Baylor has been a doormat for years, and it doesn't look like things will be changing anytime soon. Guy Morris is likely out after this year, and at K State, Texas Tech, at OU, and Oklahoma State will probably send him out on a four game skid.