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SEC Packets: Week Nine Results

Results OTS Picked Nico Picked Todd Picked
Mississippi State 31
Kentucky 14
Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Vanderbilt 24
Miami (OH) 13
Vandy Vandy Vandy
Arkansas 58
Florida International 10
Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas
Georgia 42
Florida 30
Florida Florida Florida
Auburn 17
Ole Miss 3
West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia
Tennessee 27
South Carolina 24
South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
West Virginia 31
Rutgers 3
West Virginia West Virginia Rutgers
Oregon 24
Southern Cal 17
Oregon Oregon Oregon
Connecticut 22
South Florida 15
Texas 28
Nebraska 25
Texas Texas Texas
Kansas 19
Texas A&M 11
Kansas Kansas Kansas
Arizona State 31
Cal 20
Arizona State Arizona State Arizona State
Ohio State 37
Penn State 17

Another wacky weekend of football has the SEC all kinds of screwed up right now:

Georgia took the lead in the East with an unexpected win over Florida, and Tennessee is right back in the thick of it after an unexpected win over Spurrier. Kentucky proved once again that it couldn't handle success, getting Croomed in Lexington, and Vandy inches closer and closer to bowl eligibility. In the West, Auburn looks lost for three and a half quarters again before sealing the deal in the waning seconds, while State is making me look like a genius for saying they'd be bowl eligible this year by upsetting Kentucky and getting to five wins. There could very easily be eleven bowl eligible teams in the SEC this year, and you have to wonder who's going to get the short end of the stick.

Contrarian Contrition

Yeah, so Rutgers screwed me, and my choosing karma as the deciding factor in the USF/UConn game wasn't the brightest idea. Also, I called for State to beat Kentucky in the preseason, and probably should have stuck with that.

The Curse of Sandra Bernhard

It seems like just about every game I name the Sandra Bernhard Game of the Week turns out to be ugly, but for completely different reasons than I expected. Looking back:

Week Game Expected Result Final Score
Week Four Florida at Ole Miss Florida slaughters the Rebels Florida 30, Ole Miss 24
The Rebels hang with the Gators the entire game, and Tebow begins his slow but certain journey into perpetually injured.
Week Five LSU at Tulane LSU has the third string in by the second quarter LSU 34, Tulane 9
LSU is completely dominated for an entire half, limping to the locker room with a 10-9 lead.
Week Six UGA at Tennessee Tennessee's defense is so poor that the Dawgs run away with it early. Tennessee 35, UGA 14
Georgia manages only two TDs and is manhandled all day by the Vols.
Week Seven Mississippi State vs Tennessee This one was just testing the power of her hideous visage in the hopes Fulmer would be croomed. Tennessee 33, State 21
Didn't work so well this week. Apparently the curse has to be unintentional.
Week Eight Arkansas at Ole Miss I figured on a lot of sloppy play from two floundering teams unable to play with any consistency from week to week. Arkansas 44, Ole Miss 8
Ole Miss was so busy trying to find evidence that Shay Hodges was forced out of bounds they forgot to review game tape of Arkansas and were slaughtered.

Which brings us to week nine. I fully expected the 'Cats to come out ready to put up some points against Mississippi State after the letdown against Florida, but instead they gave the game away with bad decisions and turnovers, while Woodson looked terrible. UK's defense isn't great, but giving up 31 to the Bulldogs is unthinkable. So yeah, her hideous visage is clearly enough to alter reality and force a good team to turn to stone.

The resemblance is uncanny.