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BlogPoll Calling: Todd's Ballot

1. Ohio State: Handled Penn State with ease, so they remain at #1.

2. Arizona State: The Sun Devils keep right on winning, so I'm jumping them up from #4.

3. Oklahoma: Will stay put after a bye week.

4. Boston College: Were wholly unimpressive until the last three minutes, so they drop from #2.

5. LSU: Bye week, so they stay put.

6. Oregon: Showed they can win a defensive struggle, and will stay put at #6. I want to move them higher, but until someone ahead of them loses I just can't do it. They'll get a shot at Arizona State this weekend, though, so that could mean a big boost.

7. West Virginia: They stay put at #7 after a dominating performance at Rutgers.

8. Kansas: The Jayhawks remain at #8 after their first 8-0 start in 98 years.

9. Texas: Up from #14 after everyone ahead of them (save Hawaii) lost. Yeah, they looked bad, but unlike seemingly everyone else this season, they still managed to win instead of falling prey to a(nother) huge upset.

10. Missouri: Up from #11 after a bye week.

11. Hawaii: Up from #12 after a win over New Mexico State puts them at 8-0.

12. Virginia Tech: Down from #9. Drops only three spots after they completely shutdown BC 'til the end.

13. Georgia: Big jump up from #25 after a big win over Florida.

14. Alabama: What the hell, everyone else ahead of us lost.

15. Wake Forest: Another big jump, this time up from #21, after a bye week meant they couldn't lose like everyone else.

16. Florida: Down from #10.

17. Southern Cal: Down from #15. I'm not being too hard on them since Oregon is a damn good football team.

18. Auburn: Up from 24 after a lackluster performance against Ole Miss.

19. Clemson: Might as well put Clemson back in after a great showing against Maryland.

20. Kentucky: Down from #13 after getting Croomed.

21. South Carolina: Down from #16. I'd drop them further, but everyone else lost, too, and they made our murder of the Vols look even better. Thanks!

22. Connecticut: I still don't like them, but they beat South Florida fair and square, so here they are.

23. Tennessee: The Vols are back in after an upset of South Carolina.

24. Boise State: At this point, I'm just putting teams in to keep from ranking Michigan...

25. Colorado: What the heck. They're 5-4, and they've got good wins over Oklahoma and Texas Tech to their credit.

Dropped out:
South Florida (#17), Virginia (#18), Rutgers (#20), Penn State (#22), Cal (#23)

And since I forgot about it Friday, here's your Monday McPhee.