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The Garnet and Black Attack SEC Power Poll: Week Nine Ballot

Yeah, so I've been voting in Garnet and Black Attack's SEC Power Poll the whole season, but have yet to remember to actually post my ballot here because I am, as our friends across the pond might say, forgetful. All that yummy lead paint I found in our basement when I was a child apparently affected me more than I care to admit.

chicken waffle burbaburba? prexactly!

So anyway, working on the accepted wisdom of "better late than never," here's my ballot for this week.

1. Alabama - After the bloodshed from this week, might as well. At least we didn't lose.

2. LSU - Also didn't lose. Yet.

3. Auburn - Did what Auburn does. Give other teams a glimmer of hope for three and a half quarters, then snatches it away with cruel yet efficient brutality, then laaaauuggghhhsss...

4. Mississippi State - I'll admit I haven't been paying much attention, but when did they become a spread option team?

5. Georgia - After assuming the worst, the Dawgs shocked us all by actually playing like everyone thought they would in the preseason.

6. Tennessee - Did just enough to get one over on the OBC, and keep Fulmer in cheetohs for a few more weeks.

7. Vandy - Continues to win the games it should, which is only one step away from also winning the games it shouldn't. Watch out, rest of the schedule, of which I am too lazy to look up.

8. Kentucky - Woodson can kiss every award and NFL draft position he was so routinely mentioned in conjunction with earlier in the year goodbye.

9. Florida - Can't win with one hand tied behind Tebow's back. Urban Meyer looks like he's trying to outsmart the opponent on every down, but so far has only outsmarted himself. For God's sake man, recruit a fullback!

10. Arkansas - Piled up points and yardage on one of the worst teams in the country. Big whoop.

11. South Carolina - Stormed back to force overtime, true, but shouldn't have been even close to needing to in that game. Boo.

12. Ole Miss - Every season we expect the Orgeron to finally get a scalp of mention, and every year he gets so painfully close, but can't seal the deal.