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The Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index: Week Ten

Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index
vs LSU
at Mississippi State
vs La. Monroe
at Auburn
After a several week hiatus, the Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index is back! Back at the start of the month, our hero was confident yet concerned over both Houston and Ole Miss. Those concerns proved legitimate as the Tide struggled on offense in both games and we were lucky to escape last second drives by each team. The concerns over Tennessee, though, were wholly unfounded, as our beloved Alabama put the biggest beatdown on the Vols in two decades worth of Third Saturdays, finally getting things together on offense and playing some very opportunistic D to stifle the UT offense. It also springboarded the Tide into a tie for the lead in the SEC West, and set up a huge showdown with LSU. So how do I feel about LSU?

The Bayou Bengals have gone from world destroying supermen to the team that lost to Kentucky and needed some serious gambles to survive both Florida and Auburn. Behind USC, they've done Les with more than any other team in the country, and come into this match needing to win in order to realize their goal of an SEC Crown. Les Miles's gambles are going to blow up in his face one day, and I've maintained all along that if we are going to beat LSU this year, it's going to be because of the coaching. We've got playmakers, but we lack quality depth and the defense is too inconsistent. But there's plenty of hope that Miles and co. can (and will) choke this game away in a bid to stick it to Saban and win some style points from the poll voters.

So to that end, I'm introducing a new album cover for LSU; Strong Stuff.

In contrast to the lunatic bravado in the face of certain doom represented by The Pressure is On, our hero has a confident swagger while crouching next to a dangerous mountain cat. He knows going in that this is a fight he probably won't win and that being left a shredded, bloody mess is not only possible, but likely. Still, there he is, smiling big for the camera and confident that, with the right move here and there, he might can catch him off guard and come out with new coat.

11/10 - at Mississippi State

After the Bulldogs dominated a more talented Kentucky team, and with the memories of last season's upset still in mind, I'm also going to give the Bulldogs a new cover. I've had them at Family Tradition (so laid back about it, you'd think I had OD'd), but I'm bumping them up to Rowdy. I'm confident enough in our chances that I'd rather go out drinking with trashy women than worry about it, but there's still a little bit of cause for all that Jim Beam.

11/17 - vs Lousiana-Monroe

They gave us a good fight for a half last year, but the talent and depth differentials will wear them out fast enough. They remain at Family Tradition

11/24 - at Auburn

Little Brother had things going after an upset of Florida, but struggles against Arkansas and Ole Miss and giving a game away to LSU (the squib kick was a great wtf moment, wasn't it?) keep me confident. They remain at Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound.