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Crimson Tide News Links 10/31/2007

...or what to read while trying to find the perfect gift for Coach Saban.

I'm thinking one of those universal remotes from Click so that he'll finally have time for this birthday shit.

Coach Saban wasn't worried about carrying over the huge momentum created in the win over Tennessee. In fact, he didn't want it to carry over at all:

"I'm going to use bowl games as an example," he said. "My first five years as a coach at Michigan State we never won a bowl game because we always tried to carry the momentum of the end of the season into the bowl game. So we had six weeks of practice, six weeks of off-and-on conditioning, and by the time the game came everybody was sick and tired of practicing and getting ready for the game and they were not ready to play psychologically. So we changed that format at LSU [and] had a little bit more success in bowl games when you just said, `Guys, you've got down time. Start 14 days before a game and we'll go to work for the bowl game when it comes,' and not try to sustain that and carry it forward.

TideSports takes a look at the Glenn Dorsey vs Justin Britt battle on Saturday:

But most of the Tide players need no introduction to Dorsey, especially Britt, who pancaked him on a run and helped limit him to five tackles in last year’s 28-14 loss. Others helped with double-teams and Caldwell played at left guard for part of a series.

"What can you say about Dorsey? He’s arguably the best interior guy in college football," (Andre) Smith said. "He’s a great player, great person as far as I know. Great attitude on the field.

Pete Holiday embarks on a fool's errand; trying to get the bile and rhetoric between the loudest mouths in Louisiana and Alabama toned down.

The folks over at And the Valley Shook are doing their part to show LSU fans can keep things in perspective. They have a poll up asking about what would be the most important part of a win saturday; beating Saban, virtually clinching the SEC West, or staying alive in the national title race. With 71 total votes so far, staying alive in the national title race is ahead at 35 (49%), clinching the SEC West is second with 19 (26%), and beating Saban is third with 17 (23%). Nice to see they've got their priorities straight on this one.

If you thought Coach Saban was angry at the end of the first half against UT, he's got nothing on this guy:

According to a police report, Michael Crawley, 39, grabbed the boy by his facemask and threw him to the ground, yelling profanities and threatening to kill him, after the boy performed a two-person block during practice.

I'd hate to think of what he'd do if he coached at Auburn.

Oh come on! The joke was there, demanding to be made! I'm only human! has a quick breakdown of the Alabama/LSU game up.

If Halloween snuck up on you this year and you find yourself without a costume, head on over to, where you can make your own Christopher Walken mask and be the scariest kid in the neighborhood.