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UThug Strikes Again

Mere days after the Fat One strolled into a Tennessee player's meeting and shouted "War Damn Eagle!" at the top of his lungs, UThug has struck again.

Former Tennessee All-American tailback Travis Henry has once again tested positive for marijuana. Considering this is his second violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy in the past twelve months, Henry will be suspended for one full season for his conduct.

Instead of, you know, stopping his drug use, or perhaps trying to come clean, Henry is trying a new route: He's suing the NFL and attempting to secure a restraining order against the NFL such that they cannot use the urine sample that yielded the positive test.

And in case you've forgotten, Henry is the man who has -- at least insofar as legitimately proven via paternity tests in a court of law -- fathered nine children with nine different women. Seven women thus far have secured court orders demanding child support payments, and apparently the other two are trying to win such an order.

Nice to see things are going about as per usual upon ol' Rocky Top.