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Todd's Friday Embarassing Admission...

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...or, Todd Attempts to Curry Favor With the Football Gods by Admitting his Moral, Cultural, and Intellectual Flaws in a Very Public Manner.

You know what Football Gods? Kiss my ass. I owned up to having Heart to Heart, and you still didn't let us win against Florida State? Yeah, screw you. Instead of admitting something embarassing this week (and especially since it seems like every day is Todd's Embarassing Admission day lately), I'm going to admit something not so embarassing. To wit, my guitar:

That's right, it's a '68 Gibson SG, the kind preferred by one Mr. Angus Young, making it the coolest guitar you'll ever see. So suck on that Football Gods, and also, please please please let us win on Saturday. Now that I've got that off my chest, here are your Friday AM Links and Such.

Jimmy Johns is apparently stuck at FB, a position we haven't seen a lot of this season:

"Jimmy works hard," Saban said. "He has a good attitude about it. We do have a role for him, but because we don't play regular people very much and use two tight ends a lot in the game, the fullback doesn't have a significant role in our offense right now.

"The fact that we have three guys who have done a good job when they got their opportunity at tailback has limited Jimmy's playing time. He's a good pass-blocker and he's done a good job when he's played."

Looking ahead to Houston, the Kansas City Star has a good breakdown of the game, and thinks the Tide can get it done.

Any excuse to post a Roger Miller song...

The Houston QB situation is still murky after leading candidate Case Keenum injured his hand against ECU, reports the Houston Chronicle:

So here we go again. Who's the quarterback for this week's game at Alabama?

"I don't know right now," Briles said Tuesday. "I know you guys (the media) get tired of asking about it, and I get tired of responding to questions about it. All I can say is that both of those guys have done equally well. I feel real good about both of them. I feel real confident in Case, but I feel real confident in Blake, too. I thought he did a real good job (against the Pirates)."

Via EDSBS, this weekend's game between the Vols and Georgia isn't crucial for the current UT Staff's survival:

On reports that this game is crucial for the coaching staff's future:

"I think that's putting too much pressure on a game. I think that blows it out of proportion a little bit. I think it would be natural for the fans to maybe think that, but I think that's over-dramatizing it somewhat."

As Orson so succinctly put it, "Tennessee's athletic director says that this weekend's Georgia game won't determine the future of the Tennessee coaching staff, including the head Riblet-teer himself Phil Fulmer. This means this weekend's Georgia game with determine the future of the Tennessee coaching staff, head Riblet-teer Phil Fulmer included." And since the Petrino to Auburn rumor seemed to get us some good press, might as well drop this one in there:

One of our friends in the media advises us that SEC guru Scott Moore said on Steve Czaban's FOX Sports Radio show this morning that, if Tennessee loses to Georgia this weekend, Phil Fulmer won't be back in 2008 as coach of the Volunteers.

If that happens, Moore said emphatically that the two primary candidates to replace him will be Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher.

Though Gruden is most often linked at the college level to Notre Dame, his wife was a Tennessee cheerleader. And with the money being paid to college coaches skyrocketing, it might not be much of a hit, if any, to the change purse for Gruden, if he leaves the NFL.

As a Steeler's fan, I hope Cowher is smart enough to stay away from Knoxville. I'd hate to have to hate him.

Please Bill, let me remember you in better times...

Since OTS took the lead last night in the SEC Pick 'em with SC's win over Kentucky, I suppose I should point out that The M Zone has the scoop on the hottest shirt in Columbia. Be warned, the innuendo, while fairly obvious, is also very crude.

I've been meaning to link this for two weeks now and have just kept forgetting, but Paul Westerdawg has a great panoramic shot of Bryant-Denny from the Georgia game that y'all might like.

Finally, and for no apparent reason, if you search Google News for "Smoking Monkey," something that I do daily, you'll find us.

Monkeys are such bad influences.