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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Houston Cougars: Homecoming Open Thread

Alabama Crimson Tide
(3-2, 2-1)
Bryant-Denny Stadium
2:00 p.m.
Radio: 99.5

Houston Cougars
(2-2, 1-1)

Usually I do five questions for each side of the ball, but this week there's only one question on everyone's mind: Can we get something going on offense? Enjoy the game everyone, and leave your comments before, during, and after the game here. Roll Tide.

Update [2007-10-6 13:50:47 by Todd]:

Silly me, I keep thinking that everyone lives in Birmingham. Turns out it's just the cool people like me. Anyway, for those of you not privileged enough to live within the 99.5 broadcast area, a list of radio stations carrying the game can be found here, or, if that doesn't help, will have live audio and stats.