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New Poll: How Many More Wins Will Bama Have?

Six games into the season and the Crimson Tide is 4-2. Only the Western Carolina and Vanderbilt games were decided by more than a touchdown. Win or lose, the other four games have been decided by an average margin of 4.75 points. Down to the wire games are a trend that is likely to continue for Alabama. With that in mind, how many more wins can we manage out of Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU, Mississippi State, Louisiana-Monroe and Auburn?

On paper, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Louisiana-Monroe should be wins, but I'm only comfortable counting Louisiana-Monroe as a sure win. LSU is nearly a sure loss with toss-up games against Tennessee and Auburn.

Personally, I'm thinking an 8-4 finish at this point would be miraculous. I see us finishing up at 7-5. Unfortunately, 6-6 isn't outside the realm of possibility. Let us know your thoughts. Vote to the right and discuss below...