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SEC Packets: Week Six Results

Kentucky 23, South Carolina 38

OTS Picked: South Carolina
Nico Picked: Kentucky
Todd Picked: Kentucky

Three lost fumbles and one interception doomed the Wildcats in a game they dominated. The dream is dead!

Auburn 35, Vanderbilt 7

OTS Picked: Auburn
Nico Picked: Auburn
Todd Picked: Vandy

Ugh. Not a single one of my upset picks panned out this week. It's a good thing we're not betting money, or I would have lost my shirt.

Ole Miss 24, La. Tech 0

OTS Picked: Ole Miss
Nico Picked: Ole Miss
Todd Picked: Ole Miss

Kind of a no brainer here. As bad as Ole Miss might be, La. Tech is worse.

Mississippi State 30, UAB 13

OTS Picked: State
Nico Picked: State
Todd Picked: UAB

My second upset pick didn't look so bad through the first three quarters, as the Blazers held a 13-9 advantage at the start of the fourth. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs managed three TDs in the fourth quarter to turn this one into a route. Curse them.

Alabama 30, Houston 24

OTS Picked: Bama
Nico Picked: Bama
Todd Picked: Bama

Too close. Just...too close.

Tennessee 35, Georgia 14

OTS Picked: UGA
Nico Picked: UGA
Todd Picked: UGA

Seriously UGA, you are dead to me. DEAD!

Arkansas 34, Chattanooga 15

OTS Picked: Arkansas
Nico Picked: Arkansas
Todd Picked: Arkansas

No shock here.

LSU 28, Florida 24

OTS Picked: LSU
Nico Picked: LSU
Todd Picked: LSU

Now that was a great game. I'll quote SMQ here:

In a season defined since the first hours of its first Saturday by not merely the improbable but the blatantly impossible, in which arguably the three single most unbelievable upsets in the history of the sport shocked and awed and shook the earth before midseason while marquee games - LSU-Virginia Tech, Florida-Tennessee, USC-Nebraska, Miami-Oklahoma - and as many supposedly marquee teams have fallen depressingly flat, at least one game grasped the promise of its outsized hype and made a genuine, worthy spectacle of its time on the stage. LSU-Florida was a draining fight to the death between worthy titans, the only heavyweight slugfest of the season capable of producing enough genuine competitive drama to cast a shadow on the most stunning defeat of this or maybe of any decade across the country.

Special Bonus Picks

Ohio State 23, Purdue 7

OTS Picked: tOSU
Nico Picked: tOSU
Todd Picked: tOSU

Virginia Tech 41, Clemson 23

OTS Picked: Clemson
Nico Picked: Clemson
Todd Picked: Clemson

And I quote:

I want to go with the Hokies here since Clemson has entered their typical "choking games away in the middle of the season before rallying to finish strong" part of their schedule, but Virginia Tech just isn't that good, barely escaping both ECU and UNC. Something about those Carolina schools seems to be bad hoodoo for the Hokies, so I'm going to bite my tongue, pick Clemson, and kick myself on Sunday when the Hokies manage the win.

Oklahoma 28, Texas 21

OTS Picked: OU
Nico Picked: OU
Todd Picked: OU

Missouri 41, Nebraska 6

OTS Picked: Mizzou
Nico Picked: Mizzou
Todd Picked: Nebraska

Texas A&M 24, Oklahoma State 23

OTS Picked: Oklahoma State
Nico Picked: TAMU
Todd Picked: Oklahoma State

And just like that, OTS takes a commanding lead with a 52-15 mark, while Nico covered some ground to take second place at 49-18, and my impulsive decision to go with the upsets this week dropped me from tied for first to sucking hind teet at 48-19. I hang my head with shame.