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BlogPoll Calling: Todd's Ballot

1. LSU - With Southern Cal losing to Stanford, and LSU's thrilling come from behind victory over Florida, there is no disputing who the best team in the country is right now.

2. California - Perhaps my bold ranking of Cal at #2 over USC last week was really just me getting all prophetic.

3. Ohio State - The Buckeyes continue to quietly best everything thrown their way. I'm sold on a return trip to the title game for tOSU if Cal falters..

4. Boston College - Undefeated, and they get the bump up after USC falls.

5. South Florida - I don't want to rank them this high because I just know they are going to crap out down the stretch, but for now there's no real reason not to.

6. Missouri - Probably a little too high for the Tigers, but they proved me utterly and completely wrong with their demolition of Nebraska on Saturday. The North is theirs.

7. Hawaii - They keep on winning, so why not?

8. Oklahoma - I still think this is one of the best teams in the country, and they should run the rest of their schedule, take the Big 12, and get to another BCS bowl.

9. Cincinnatti - Took care of business against Rutgers, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them upset South Florida in a few weeks.

10. Arizona State - Still undefeated despite a scare at Washington State. They get Washington and Cal at home over the next two weeks before heading to Oregon, so their lofty ranking is in serious jeopardy.

11. West Virginia - They're back to putting up gawdy numbers and have a good chance at running the rest of their schedule, with only trips to Cincinnatti and Rutgers standing in their way.

12. South Carolina - The 'Cocks were dominated Thursday night, but benefitted from some boneheaded turnovers by Kentucky. The Wildcats were the better team, but a win is a win is a win, so they move up from #15.

13. Kansas - Had a great game against a pretty good Kansas State team, so they move up from #21.

14. Oregon - I unfairly dropped them from my ballot alltogether last week after their close loss to Cal, and am trying to make up for it here.

After all the ugly unis Oregon has foisted onto the unsuspecting retinas of innocent college football fans, it's nice to see they finally found some that make them look like hot chicks.

15. Virginia Tech - Absolutely destroyed Clemson with their defense and special teams play (of all things!), so they are back in.

16. Illinois - [NAME REDACTED]! Take that, Nicole!

17. Florida State - Beat NC State, so they move up from #24.

18. Texas Tech - Continues to put up gawdy numbers, so they move up from #22.

19. Kentucky - Like I said, they had the better team Thursday night, they just gave the game away.

20. Southern Cal - You lost to Stanford! You lost to Stanford! Neener neener neener!

Incredulous hotties courtesy SMQ's Profiles in Disillusion.

21. Texas - I'm going to keep the Longhorns ranked since they hung with a damn good OU team when I thought they were going to be destroyed.

22. Florida - Likewise for Florida, they only move down one spot from #19 since they came out strong against LSU.

23. UCONN - After an off week, they move up from #25 by virtue of others falling out.

24. Auburn - Little brother has apparently righted the ship, so in they are.

25. Purdue - I'm tempted to drop them completely, but there's no shame in losing to a great tOSU team.