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Miscellaneous Notes

There are a few random and miscellaneous notes regarding the LSU game, so I figured that I would create a separate article just hitting the high points.

  • Despite all of the vitriol from the respective fan bases, the players and coaches have essentially been on their best behavior. Nick Saban spoke very highly of LSU, and Les Miles has done the same of Alabama. The players have been relatively mum.
  • Ryan Perrilloux, despite not having charges pressed against him, will not make the trip to Tuscaloosa, but he has apparently not been kicked off of the team. Derrick Odom and Jeremy Benton have been kicked off the team for their roles in the ruckus. Odom was a never-used, though highly recruited, redshirt freshman linebacker, while Benton was a walk-on.
  • Glenn Dorsey is still uncertain at this point. I imagine that he will play, but you never know. He had this to say today, ""I'm taking it one day at a time. If my knee feels good enough to play, I'll play, but all I can do is control what I control -- that's coming out and rehabbing and doing everything possible that I can to help myself be able to play. We'll see when game time comes." I expect him to play, but it's possible that he won't. Hopefully so though, I'd hate to see anyone miss time as a result of a cheap-shot.
  • Zeke Knight is injured as well, as he is still suffering from a high ankle sprain against Tennessee. He was held out of most practices last week, though he has been working at full speed the past couple of days. He apparently is going to play on Saturday, but unfortunately it is unlikely he'll be 100 per cent. Hopefully we can get him a lot of treatment the next couple of days and have him ready to go. He's a major key to our defense.
  • The five suspended Alabama players have yet to receive word on their eligibility. They may possibly be allowed to play, but if so I wouldn't expect any of them to play very much, if at all. If it happens, you may see Caldwell in some manner, but I wouldn't be holding my breath. The most likely situation is probably that they don't get declared eligible and even if they do Saban does not allow them to play.
  • Nick Saban was asked about the third running back if Glenn Coffee does not return, and he mentioned that it would either be Jonathon Lowe or Jimmy Johns. Lowe had suffered a sprained ankle while working at tailback -- didn't know he was there -- but is now apparently healthy. You shouldn't be the least bit surprised to see one of these two guys touching the ball on Saturday.
  • Rolando McClain, who has seen his playing time go down a bit down the stretch this year, has been taking snaps in practice at Zeke Knight's outside linebacker position. Apparently when Knight goes out, we're going to try to put our best reserve linebacker in his position, and not necessarily his actual back-up. If Knight can't play or goes out Saturday, expect to see a linebacking corps consisting of Saunders, Hall, Mustin, and McClain.
  • Will Arnold, the very talented guard who has had his collegiate career derailed by injuries, will apparently be available for relief duty on Saturday. Arnold has not played since the second game of the season against Virginia Tech, though he may be able to play a few snaps Saturday. That said though, Miles was very frank and candid about the fact that he could not play an extended number of snaps.
  • D.J. Hall had a huge night in Tiger Stadium last year, with eight catches for over 140 yards. On that night, he faced single coverage almost all night, and he basically lit them up like he does everyone who assigns only one defender to him. He said in an interview this week that he expected the same thing again this weekend, but I wouldn't be surprised if you see multiple guys on Hall.
  • The Tide's defensive line has a couple of guys struggling with lower leg injuries. Bobby Greenwood sprained an ankle earlier in the year and missed some time, and Brian Motley has been trying to recover from a broken ankle suffered in the pre-season. There's nothing in particular to report, but it should be noted that an off week should have done good things for the improvement of their help. And being brutally honest, we need these guys to be in good shape and playing well.