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Insert Lame "I bet Tech wins!" Joke Here: Ga. Tech vs Va. Tech Open Thread

Since doing the Thursday night thread with our picks for that game, followed by a big post for all the other games on Friday worked out well for us last week, we're going to start doing that from now on. So give us your picks and thoughts before, during, and after the game.

Opponents OTS
Georgia Tech vs #11 Virginia Tech
11/01 - 6:30pm CST

Ah, the King of the Choke-Job versus the King of Mediocrity. Wow, what a match-up. In all honesty, neither of these two teams are particularly good, and that's plain to see. That said, the Hokies are likely the better team. They have a better defense, and will likely be able to muster more offense than the Yellow Jackets given the likely return of Tyrod Taylor and the likely absence of Tashard Choice for GT. Moreover, the Hokies know they cannot drop another conference game, so I say they pull it out.

Nico is actually at the game, so he phoned his pick in to me. I believe his words were "I'll go with the Hokies. It's Georgia Tech...what are you gonna do?"

I've gotta go with the Hokies on this one. Defense and special teams, people. It wins football games. Unless you choke against BC.