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SEC Power Poll: Week Eleven Ballot

1. Florida - Just like last week, they ran up a big score and a ton of yardage.

2. Georgia - I picked Auburn to win, and they kept it close for awhile, but the Dawgs poured it on late. They're finally living up to expectations.

3. LSU - Beat up on La. Tech. Big whoop.

4. Tennessee - Back on track after dominating a team that should have run all over them.

5. Kentucky - The shine is off the Wildcats, but they're still an improving program and finally getting a win after their big upset of LSU puts them back on track.

6. Mississippi State - John Parker Wilson gift wrapped the win for them, but win they did, so much to my chagrin they land here at number 6.

Evil Wilson says, "You're welcome."

7. South Carolina - Whatever, I have no idea what to think of these guys anymore.

8. Vandy - Ditto.

9. Auburn - Hung tough for awhile, but crapped their pants in the second half and looked lost.

10. Ole Miss - Didn't play, and therefor couldn't suck. A rare ranking above #12.

11. Arkansas - Whatever Hogs, you should have piled up stupid numbers on UT, and couldn't do it. Screw you.

12. Alabama - Sadly, we suck.