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SEC Packets: Week Eleven Results

Results OTS Picked Nico Picked Todd Picked
Mississippi State 17
Alabama 12
Tennessee 34
Arkansas 13
Kentucky 27
Vandy 20
Georgia 45
Auburn 20
Florida 51
South Carolina 31
LSU 58
La. Tech 10
Texas 59
Texas Tech 43
Virginia Tech 40
Florida State 21
Kansas 43
Oklahoma State 28
USC 24
Cal 17

Contrarian Contrition:

Auburn over Georgia: What can I say? The visiting team always seems to have the edge in this series, and Georgia has been such a Jekyll and Hyde team that I gambled on little brother. Unfortunately, the good UGA showed up, and completely smote the Teagles throughout the second half.

Texas Tech over Texas: Considering the Longhorns had to dig themselves out of deep holes the past two weeks against both Nebraska and Oklahoma State, two teams more known for their offenses than anything else (other than, you know, kind of, and in the case of Nebraska, definetely, sucking), I figured maybe the Red Raiders would be able to pile up enough early to hang on when the inevitable Longhorn rally came. I was sadly mistaken, as the Red Raiders never led during the game, and Texas was able to match them score for score in the 4th to preserve the lead.

So that, of course, puts the count at OTS 96-29, Nico 92-33, and silly me at 85-40. Sigh...