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BlogPoll Calling: Todd's Ballot

1. Oregon - A bye week and tOSU's fall sees the Ducks move up from #2.

2. Oklahoma - Likewise, a win over a hapless Baylor gives the Sooners a one spot jump.

3. LSU - Another one hopper. If they had beaten anyone better than La. Tech, I'd have no problem jumping them past Oklahoma, and if they win out I think they deserve to be in the title game. For now, though, they remain behind Oregon and OU.

4. Kansas - Up from #6 after some very impressive play over the last two weeks. Another team that, if they win out, deserves a shot at the title. Unfortunately for them, though, that might not happen if no one else falters.

5. West Virginia - Survived Louisville, so they stay put at #5.

6. Missouri - Whipped up on TAMU, so they'll get a one spot bump from #7.

7. Arizona State - Up a spot after doing the guys over at Bruins Nation a favor.

8. Georgia - Big jump up from #13 after dismantling Auburn.

9. Texas - Will stay put after outshooting Texas Tech.

10. Ohio State - Illinois is not a bad team, but the Bucks still should have handled them. Very disappointing.

11. Virginia Tech - Down one space after I bumped Georgia up. Sorry guys.

12. Florida - Up from #14 after demolishing South Carolina.

13. Hawaii - Down from #12 after bumping Florida ahead. Still have no clue where they should be ranked, either.

14. Southern Cal - Decent win at Cal moves them up a spot from #15.

15. Virginia - After skating by all season long, the Cavaliers finally put together an impressive, 48-0 win at Miami. Big jump up from #23.

16. Clemson - Up from #18 after destroying Wake. Could probably be higher, but I don't wanna.

17. Tennessee - Up from #21 after an impressive handling of Arkansas. I did not think that was going to happen, and they are rewarded thusly.

18. Boise State - Up from #22, due mostly to everyone in front of them losing.

19. BYU - The Cougs have shaken off a pair of early season losses to win six straight, and could finish with ten wins. They jump up from #25.

20. Kentucky - Will stay put after a close one against Vandy. At least they are winning again.

21. Boston College - Down from #11 after they followed up a loss to Florida State with a loss to Maryland. I considered dropping them all together, but the way this season is going it's getting tougher and tougher to come up with twenty five good teams to rank.

22. Illinois - They beat tOSU, so why not?

23. Wisconsin - Got back to winning, and have given me another excuse not to rank Michigan.

24. Cincinatti - Looked so good at the start of the year, until back to back losses to Louisville and Pitt derailed them. A win at South Florida, and an upset of UConn (how weird is that to say?) has them back in, though.

25. Mississippi State - I'm with OTS on this one, the Bulldogs have bested three quality (and ranked) opponents this year, and are looking to be pretty well on schedule as far as rebuilding goes. They get the nod here at #25.

Dropped Out

Connecticut (#16), Auburn (#17), Alabama (#19), Arkansas (#24)