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Saban Speaks Regarding Jimmy Johns

In his weekly press conference, apparently some reporter finally worked up the courage to ask Coach Saban about Jimmy Johns. More specifically, he was asked about the possibility of using Jimmy Johns as a tailback in short-yardage situations, to which he replied:

"Jimmy has been backing up at fullback and tailback and we are trying to play the best football players, the guys that are the most ready to play. Jimmy has certainly made some improvement of late but he has struggled a little bit this season. We are trying to get him to play with more consistency and hopefully that is something we can get to here in the near future. But Roy Upchurch was kind of the guy that we would use in those situations and he got injured in the game. Jimmy has been practicing more at fullback than tailback but he can do both."

Well, that sums things up pretty nicely. The bottom line is that -- regardless of how highly-touted Johns was coming out of high school or how much raw talent he may possess -- Johns has not done the things necessary to play, and apparently has not even come close to doing the things needed. At the moment, he's at best the back-up fullback in an offense that doesn't even really utilize the fullback, and at tailback he's been beaten out even by a walk-on who was playing wide receiver up until about six weeks ago.

In short, just move on and get over it with the whole Johns situation. He's not a viable option at this point, and unless something major changes he's going to remain on the bench when the offense is on the field. And that's where the discussion ends regarding Jimmy Johns.