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Hoops News: 'Bama Beats Mercer

I'll preface this by saying that you could take all of my basketball knowledge, drop it into a thimble, and it would echo for a week. The name is outsidethesidelines, not outside the whatever they call the boundary markers in basketball. You get the idea.

That said, 'Bama went to Macon, Georgia tonight and knocked off Mercer 90-83. Ordinarily a win over Mercer is nothing particularly special, but this is a Mercer team that thoroughly dominated #18 USC -- complete with freshman sensation O.J. Mayo -- just two nights ago in Los Angeles.

Richard Hendrix had the kind of night that is expected out of such a highly-touted player, as he scored 28 points to go along with 14 rebounds.

Again, I don't know a whole lot about basketball, but this seems like a somewhat impressive win in light of recent events. I know after Steele was announced out for the year with his lingering knee issues, most had seemingly written off the season as an inevitable disappointment, but perhaps we might be a bit better than most expected.

Click here for the box score.