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Croyle to Start for Kansas City Chiefs

From Arrowhead Pride:

So, its official. Brodie Croyle will be leading the Kansas City Chiefs offense. If Croyle turns out to be the Chiefs quarterback of the future, we'll be able to look at yesterday's loss as a blessing in disguise.

He also links to this post over at KC Chiefs Fanatic, that seems to imply all of the offensive line troubles at Alabama have made Brodie particularly suited to playing for the Chiefs:

And considering the fact that he's playing behind the disaster that is otherwise known as the Chiefs O-line, having an ability to get out of the pocket and scramble a bit definitely doesn't seem like a bad idea.

I'll look around later to see if I can find the TV schedule for this weekend's NFL games and where the Chiefs game can be seen, but if anyone else felt like goofing off a little at work and posting it in the comments, I certainly wouldn't discourage that.

Brodie would also encourage you to help your fellow Bama fans find a way to watch his debut as a starter this weekend.