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Todd's Friday Embarassing Admission...

...or, Todd Attempts to Curry Favor With the Football Gods by Admitting his Moral, Cultural, and Intellectual Flaws in a Very Public Manner.

Admitting I love Tequiza and voluntarily watched Norbit kept my internet working and the PPV game on, owning up to my lust for Paris Hilton garnered the Tide a win over Vandy despite some offensive troubles, and copping to a disturbing love for Phil Collins bought us a stirring fourth quarter rally against Arkansas. But since admitting that I own RV and the Pacifier apparently wasn't embarassing enough to get a win over Georgia, and what should have been a national title winning admission saw us play even worse against Florida State, I decided to stick it to the Football Gods and brag about my awesome guitar. They repaid my hubris with an ugly win over Houston, so I once again humbly submitted something embarassing, namely my love of Erotica era Madonna in exchange for a win over Ole Miss, and then hit the jackpot with three admissions about Legends of the Fall to get us a blow out over Tennessee. Owning up to attending a Hanson concert apparently wasn't enough for a win over LSU, and then I completely forgot to do one last week, so I'm at least 17% responsible for the loss to Mississippi State (sorries!). So this week, in an attempt to get back into the good graces of the Football Gods, I'll admit that I am fascinated by (read: obsessed with) Rachel Ray.

ability to cook(short + cute)=awesome

Whether it's 30 Minute Meals, Tasty Travels, $40 a Day, or even her daytime talk show, I am spellbound by the woman. If she's on TV, I'm watching it. For instance, last Sunday, after the Next Iron Chef was crowned, they did a repeat of the episode where she battles Giada de Laurentis (does admitting I know who she is count as a bonus admission?) and I was glued to it, even though I've seen it before and knew she would win. Also, her Mexican Lasagna is awesome. Just in case you were wondering what to make for dinner tonight.