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Your Friday McPhee Isn't Married YET

Yeah, so since it's in the comments today and there have been a couple of diaries about it so far, I suppose it's time we acknowledged the painful fact that our sweetheart is engaged to someone other than one of us, preferably me.

I recruited her, therefor, DIBS!

So our official position on this is, of course, congratulations and best of luck to the McPhee and old whats his name, but if she should ever run across this blog and realize that she's getting married to a man far too old for her and also far less attractive than myself, my arms will be open.

Update [2007-11-16 18:25:44 by Todd]:

Amusingly, I just checked the site e-mail and my own personal e-mail, and found messages from the Tide Druid and a number of readers expressing their condolences, including one who's succinct message "Hey your gal is engaged to a goober" made me laugh exceptionally hard. I don't know about you guys, but I'm finding the fact that the McPhee is so closely associated with this site (and vice verse, I suppose) hilarious. So just for that, here's a bonus!

You're welcome.