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BlogPoll Calling: OTS's Ballot

1. LSU: I wouldn't say they played all that great against Ole Miss, but at the same time it's not like they need style points. All they need is to win, and the passed that test with flying colors.

2. Kansas: Annihilated a crappy Iowa State team. Big whoop. Missouri looms.

3. Missouri: Their defense looks very, very suspect, and I'm not sure they can go on the road and beat Kansas. Still, they won and still control their own destiny.

4. Ohio State: Say what you will, but an LSU loss gets these guys headed to New Orleans. They have a great defense against "three yards and cloud of dust" type offenses, but the speed just isn't there to defend the quick spread offenses.

5. West Virginia: Huge win tonight, and they have a couple of tough games left. But they are still alive in the national title race, and a BCS bowl seems almost a certainty at this point.

6. Arizona State: They move up because everyone else loses.

7. Georgia: They beat a pretty solid Kentucky team despite not playing very good football. This is the best team in the East, but it looks like they may be SOL.

8. Oklahoma: I'll stop the fall here, and they'll probably win next week if Bradford returns. That said, the loss to Texas Tech was the typical late-season Stoops choke-job.

9. Oregon: You have to feel for the Ducks with the loss of Dixon, but I'm afraid the bottom is going to fall out for them now. At this point, I'd be surprised if they made a BCS bowl. How quickly fortunes can change.

10. USC: I wonder if Pete Carroll called any NFL GM's this weekend?

11. Florida: Tim Tebow should be the Heisman winner, and it will be a complete travesty if he does not. The Gators moved to 8-3, and should beat FSU to go to 9-3. Considering how bad their defense has been, that's a pretty good year.

12. Virginia Tech: Blowing out Miami doesn't mean anything any more. Not worthy of being moved up.

13. Virginia: Off week to prepare for the in-state rival Hokies. The winner is headed to face BC in the ACC Championship Game. Either way, I predict 20,000 empty seats and the Seinfeld reruns on TBS get higher ratings.

14. Texas: Off week to prepare for the Aggies. Put the final in Fran's coffin, please. Don't let me down. Though for whatever reason Texas usually doesn't win when I want them to.

15. Tennessee: How in the world did Vandy choke this one? LSU fans should be creaming their undies at the thought of getting this bunch in Atlanta.

16. Boise State: Blowout win over Idaho. This is the best non-BCS team in the country, and they'll spank Hawai'i next week.

17. Illinois: The Zookers are easily the second best team in the Big Ten. Say what you will, but I pull for these guys, and I hope Zook does well. Personally I like any Big Ten team not named Michigan or Ohio State winning.

18. Connecticut: Beat a terrible Syracuse team without breaking a sweat. They'll play West Virginia in Morgantown next Saturday, and the winner will win the Big East and be BCS bound.

19. Boston College: Win an upset win over Clemson, thanks to a blown coverage and a dropped TD pass, these guys have now secured a spot in the Game No One Will Attend Or Watch.

20. Wisconsin: Rallied late to beat rival Minnesota, and now they finish 9-3. A nine win season is deserving of this spot.

21. Texas Tech: Where the hell has that been all year? Regardless, suddenly these guys are 8-4, and I suppose they have an outside shot of getting into the Cotton Bowl. If the UCLA job comes open, though, look for Leach's name to be mentioned.

22. Cincinnati: I know these guys lost, but they played West Virginia very close and shouldn't drop very far.

23. Arkansas: After laying a goose egg against the hated Vols, they played well in beating a pretty solid Mississippi State team. I semi expected them to mail it in with the news looking on Nutt, but they didn't. That said, I figure they lose to LSU and drop out.

24. Clemson: Can I get a choke with my meal? That was a serious choke-job to BC, at home, and with a loss to rival South Carolina, Bowden may find himself joining his sisters in the unemployment line.

25. Louisiana-Monroe: Mr. Irrelevant this week goes to the Warhawks of Monroe. The win over Alabama is the biggest win in their program's history, and it's the first win over a BCS conference opponent in well over a decade. Of course if you are a 'Bama fan...