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SEC Packets: Week Twelve Results

Florida 59
Florida Atlantic 20
Georgia 24
Arkansas 45
Mississippi State 31
La.-Monroe 21
Alabama 14
Tennessee 25
Vanderbilt 24
LSU 41
Ole Miss 21
Ohio State 14
Michigan 3
Notre Dame 28
Duke 7
West Virginia 28
Cincinnati 23
Boston College 20
Clemson 17
Texas Tech 34
Oklahoma 27

Contrarian Contrition:

I clearly have no idea what I'm talking about. Duke? Yeah, I'm an idiot. The week I finally decide to quit picking Texas Tech? Exactly. Clemson getting to the ACC Title Game? No chance in hell they weren't going to choke that one away.

And after Alabama's performance, the only thing that has even the slightest chance of bringing even a shadow of a smile to my face is a smoking monkey. Better cut back there, Smokey.