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BlogPoll Calling: Todd's Ballot

1. LSU - Up from #3 after Oregon and OU fall.

2. Kansas - Up from #4 for similar reason.

3. Missouri - I'm going to jump Mizzou past West Virginia, if only because something about the 'Eers strikes me as off. I don't know what it is, though. Up from #6.

4. West Virginia - Up from #5. I don't like them.

5. Georgia - Up from #8 after taking care of Kentucky in a big trap game.

6. Arizona State - Up from #7 after a bye.

7. Texas - Another bump up after a bye week saw them not lose. Up from #9.

8. Ohio State - Up from #10 after an inevitable defeat of Michigan.

9. Virginia Tech - Whipping up on Miami isn't that much of an achievement anymore. Up from #11.

10. Oklahoma - Down from #2 after losing their starting QB and falling behind against the potent Red Raider offense.

11. Oregon - Speaking of losing your starting QB. Down from #1.

12. Florida - Will stay put after demolishing FAU.

13. Southern Cal - I'll move them up a spot after a bye week, and also because I'm dropping Hawaii. I just don't like them, and they don't deserve to be ahead of the Trojans.

14. Hawaii - Down from #13 after bumping USC ahead. Still have no clue where they should be ranked, either.

15. Virginia - Will stay put after a bye.

16. Tennessee - Up from #17 after taking care of Vandy. I'd make a "they shouldn't have been in that mess to start with" comment, but in a season like this you have to give points to a team that battles back to defy the upset.

17. Boise State - Up from #18. I'll bump them higher if they can bump off Hawaii.

18. BYU - Up from #19 after handling Wyoming.

19. Boston College - Up from #21 after rallying past the greatest choke team of them all, Clemson.

20. Illinois - UP from #20 after handling Northwestern.

21. Wisconsin - Had to rally past Minnesota, which seems about right for this Badgers team. Up from 23.

22. Texas Tech - The Red Raiders return to the rankings after showing they can actually score against a top defense.

23. Connecticutt - Whipped up on Syracuse, as expected, so they're back in. I'm pretty much just drawing teams from a hat right now.

24. South Florida - Might as well put the Bulls back in after their woodshedding of Louisville.

25. Utah - What the hell, they're 8-3 and if they can knock off BYU this weekend, they'll share the MWC title with Air Force.

Dropped out:

(#16) Clemson, (#20) Kentucky, (#24) Cincinnati, (#25) Mississippi State